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How to Strengthen Your Scaffolding Business Despite Industry Downturn

Remote Work with scaffold designer

As global economic leaders anticipate a future recession, businesses are looking for ways to tackle the massive production slowdowns, following the various restrictions and shelter-in-place orders. Across the world, remote working and virtual offices have become increasingly necessary.

However, for traditional sectors like construction services, it’s not all that straightforward. The industry is faced with a quagmire of uncertainties with conflicting state and local orders when it comes to business continuity. Many construction projects are forced to reduce outputs or cease field operations, leaving contractors stranded with no business. Trades like scaffolding and access are being affected one way or another.

Cliché as it may sound, uncertain times also provide the opportunities to build resilience.

At Avontus, we see this disruption as a chance to reinvent your business and prepare to return to a new normal with new strengths.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to rebuild stronger while maintaining business momentum with innovative scaffolding solutions.

Equipment Tracking, Virtual Design Appraisals, Branding and More

Companies that rely on paper-based documents and spreadsheets for project management are especially vulnerable to disruptive events.

Let’s face it. It’s hard to collaborate on a scaffold plan or manage a project remotely without a digital collaboration platform. It’s also extremely difficult for your operations team to manage inventory from a remote home office.

Previously, digital transformation in construction was hindered by the characteristics of construction contracts. Every project comes with different requirements and involves multiple trades along the value chain. Companies find it challenging to introduce changes across numerous projects, as these project teams often have their own operations protocol.

Now that the industry is slowing down, businesses can start to implement digital solutions across the organization without having to worry about causing outsized disruptions.

As we’ve come to embrace remote working, having a digital platform is crucial to enable business continuity. Here are some initiatives that you can deploy right away with scaffold management software.

Avontus Quantify®: Digitize Scaffolding Inventory Management

Offering a robust platform for scaffolding rental and equipment tracking, Avontus Quantify lets you generate estimates, monitor inventory, ship materials, manage re-rentals, and create invoices in an instant.

Don’t let construction inactivity slow down your business. Using the software, you can make use of the business downtime to focus on more strategic planning. For instance, the reporting feature in Avontus Quantify gives insights into equipment utilization, so you can easily forecast future capacity to furnish a job.

You can also take advantage of Avontus Quantify to do a virtual “spring cleaning” of inventory by capturing all equipment statuses. With this feature, you can easily identify every piece that needs inspection, modification, or repair. You can also capture costs for damaged or lost items for write-downs, billing responsible customers, or both.

Most importantly, Avontus Quantify helps you overcome the accounting headaches of rental adjustments, especially helpful for suspension of rental fees during the construction shutdown.

Use Quantify's Estimates tab to monitor job progress
Use Quantify’s Estimates to monitor job progress

Scaffold Designer®: Strengthen Sales Processes and Revamp Your Bid Presentations

Coupled with the operational efficiency offered by Quantify, Avontus Designer brings your scaffolding models in front of the team and client for virtual hand-offs.

That’s why our customers enjoy the integration between Quantify and Scaffold Designer. You can automatically create a list of materials according to your scaffold plan. There’s no need to go back and forth between premises to update the project data with your foreman.

Have amazing Scaffold Designer drawings that you are proud of? Why not showcase them in a portfolio for bid presentations? You can also feature your designs on your website to impress potential customers, now that most of us are spending time online. Plus, you can build a library of common scaffolds for on-demand use. That way, designers can save time by replicating ready-built designs for similar projects.

Upskill Employees Through Virtual Training and Webinars

With Scaffold Designer, you not only have access to limitless design capabilities but also new materials for training.

Get your team to download the free Scaffold Viewer® for a virtual sales mockup. Based on your team’s existing models in Scaffold Designer, you can create various proposal scenarios to help your sales reps hone their skills.

Upskill your designers with the built-in training videos right within Scaffold Designer. From creating stunning scaffolding structures to rendering advanced 3D modeling, you’ll learn how to impress customers with novel forms of access even when you’re working from home.

Schedule a specific learning track to align with your internal employee development programs. The best part? Our team will also be running free training via webinars to help you master the software, fast track your career, and run a successful scaffolding business.

As more and more customers rely on our software to facilitate virtual working, we will continue to deliver new feature updates across our products, so stay tuned for the next release!

In the meantime, contact us at if you need any assistance.