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Avontus Designer

Learn how to create, modify, and visualize scaffold models. And then quickly get an accurate Bill of Materials for all your scaffold designs.

01. Introduction to Avontus Designer
02. Workspace Overview
03. How to Draw Walls
04. Placing and Editing Bays
05. Corner Bays
06. Hop-Ups and Side Brackets
07. Adding and Editing Ladders
08. Adding Stairs
09. Bill of Materials
10. Drawing Features
11. Scaffold Viewer
12. Page Set Up

Avontus Viewer

Discover how to take your scaffold drawings to new heights with AR/VR capabilities. But first, let’s set up your VR cardboard viewer and AR target.

01. Scaffold VR Overview
02. Scaffold VR Desktop - Sharing Your Models
03. Scaffold VR Desktop - Using the 3D Controls
04. Scaffold VR Mobile - Navigating in the 3D Window
05. Scaffold VR Mobile - Scaffold VR Cardboard
06. Introduction to Augmented Reality in Scaffold Viewer
07. This is Augmented Reality in Scaffold Viewer
08. This is Augmented Reality in Scaffold Viewer (Extended)


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