Avontus Designer®

Design, estimate, and visualize scaffolds in minutes.

Scaffold Design
Has Never Been Easier

Our powerful software makes scaffold design a snap. Simply import a plan, drag and drop scaffolds into place, and walk through it in 3D. Avontus Designer®; gives you professional 2D/3D drawings, and automatically generates an accurate list of materials. Get started today, and you’ll be winning bids in next to no time.

Everything You Need to Easily Create Winning Designs

Drag-and-drop design

Import even the most complicated plan and then quickly add scaffolds wherever you want them. Robust customization options make it flexible enough for any project.

Faster scaffolding estimates

Cut drawing and counting time by up to 90% with built-in and fully customizable scaffold designs. Faster estimates mean more bids and more wins.

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Detailed 3D view

Every scaffold design is rendered in a professional 3D model, so you can improve crew efficiency and impress potential customers. Easily export to 3D PDF, or share in 3D/AR/VR using our free Avontus Viewer® app.

Instant material calculation

No more guesswork or manual counting of parts. With Avontus Designer, you can instantly generate an accurate materials list with just one click.

Avontus Quantify integration

Integrates seamlessly with Avontus Quantify® inventory management software, giving you the power to manage your project from bid to completion.

Accommodates other software

Easily export 2D plans and 3D models to BIM packages, PDF, AutoCAD, Navisworks, SCIA Engineer, Microsoft Office, and more.

Built-in AR/VR technology

Pair Avontus Designer with the free Avontus Viewer® app to bring your scaffold to life in full augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR). Now you can show everyone what success looks like.


Effortlessly design large-scale scaffold projects with Avontus Designer®. You can now create and visualize even the most complex projects with ease.


Avontus Designer® is perfectly compatible with all systems scaffold manufacturers. Get more from your designs with our free manufacturer catalogs.

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I would absolutely recommend Avontus Designer to others in our industry. The impression of a nice design will often trump competitors even if they have a lower price.

Mathias Jonsson
Estimator, Standard Scaffold

Avontus Designer
Expertly Handles
Projects of All Sizes

See how others are winning
with Avontus Designer

From installation
to design, we make it easy

  • Quick

    No complicated hardware dongles or confusing installation. Order and instantly receive download links and a serial number through email.

  • Unlimited

    We help set up everything via live phone support, ongoing training, and access to a complete library of resources.

  • Equipment

    Import from one or more of our numerous manufacturer catalogues. Add custom components at any time. Don’t see your manufacturer? Ask us.


Find the Avontus Designer plan that works for you.

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