Superior Scaffold Transforms Operations with Quantify Software

Case study:

Managing scaffolding operations across multiple projects is a common challenge. Learn how one scaffolding company overcame this with technology and saw massive productivity and efficiency gains.

Superior Scaffold has contributed to many major construction projects in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.


Superior Scaffold Services has provided scaffolding, access, and shoring solutions in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware area for over 70 years, contributing to major projects including Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, Penn Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, and Citizens Bank Park. The company prides itself on its ability to respond to customer needs quickly and effectively. As the business grew, it realized the need for better technology to handle inventory, rentals, and sales. Superior turned to Quantify as a solution and quickly improved productivity.

The Challenge: Out-of-Date Processes Slow Operations

As the main scaffolding provider to nearly every industrial facility in the Delaware Valley, Superior Scaffold requires the utmost efficiency to track supplies and keep projects on schedule for all their customers. The company operates a 60,000-square-foot warehouse supplying system and frame scaffolding, swing stages, shoring, overhead sidewalk protection, mast climbers, construction elevators, and hoists to sites around the region.

With manual processes and outdated software, Superior Scaffold was struggling to manage its inventory and track rentals and sales. Operations were slowed by inefficiency. It was clear the company needed a better system.

The Solution: Consolidate and Streamline Processes Using Quantify

After researching solutions, Superior Scaffold concluded that Quantify was the right one to do the job as the software allowed all teams from service professionals to sales managers to update and track processes in one program.

Businesses are often reluctant to implement new technology as it takes time and disrupts the usual workflow. They play it safe and stick to the status quo, rather than looking at the long-term benefits of change. Superior Scaffold was forward-thinking and boldly moved ahead with the change, training everyone on the new software in the week between Christmas and New Year.

We switched the software and learned everything that way. It was a struggle at first, but we picked up on it, and I like the software now that I’m in it all the time… It’s a lot quicker; it doesn’t take me long at all to put an order in… It’s all handled by me… I go from the order to the payment, process the payment, and all the paperwork goes upstairs and it’s all taken care of for them.

Dave Gambrione, Counter Sales Representative

Quantify was rolled out among service and sales teams, allowing them to manage inventory, servicing, rentals, sales, and billing through a single platform.

The Results: Improved Efficiency and Accuracy

Superior Scaffold has been impressed with the results. Quantify has made inventory management easier and simplified the complexity of rental/hire billing and managing sales.

I use it for just about anything and everything, from tracking motors down…to products, consumables, sales, everything.

Ed Ervin, Service Manager

Service technicians see the difference in how simple it is to keep up with equipment status. For example, Bobby Bracall can easily see that a motor is ready to be serviced as soon as it comes back from a job. Then he inputs details like the number of hours it took to service the motor, part numbers, and information about the motor. After that, he’s able to quickly update the motor in the system as available to go out for rent.

“It’s simple,” Bobby says. “You’ve just got to follow the steps. Every part here is accounted for and in the system.”

Sales managers enthusiastically embraced the software, recognizing a marked improvement in efficiency. Dave Gambrione, who handles rentals and sales and is responsible for all erection projects, notes how the business is more productive now that everyone has visibility into active jobs and equipment utilization.

See for Yourself How Quantify Can Improve Your Operations

If you’re facing similar challenges to Superior Scaffold, consider implementing inventory management software like Quantify. Quantify keeps track of all your inventory, ensures your clients are billed accurately, and allows you to efficiently respond to your customers’ needs.

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