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Our Story

Like Rome, we didn’t build our software suite, team, and community in a day. It took us close to two decades to evolve from a small operation to the scaffolding software industry leader. Here’s our story.

  • 2002

    There isn’t any user-friendly software built for the scaffolding industry. We see an opportunity to transform the market. And we take it. Avontus is born, with BidMaker as our first product.

    We open our first office in the US.

  • 2003

    We expand BidMaker’s support for scaffold drawings with the SystemsTank and FrameWall plug-ins.

  • 2005

    We launch Uni-Ply Designer (now Handset Designer) to give handset formwork users a much faster, more accurate way to produce takeoffs.

  • 2007

    Unsynchronized processes and software can sink scaffolding businesses. To counter that, we release Quantify®.

  • 2012

    By the time our 10th anniversary rolls around, we are supporting over a thousand Avontus users.

  • 2013

    Manually drawing scaffolds and counting parts is a big waste of time. That’s why we launch Scaffold Designer (now Avontus Designer®).

  • 2015

    We open our second office in the UK.

  • 2016

    Sometimes, 2D designs alone can’t win a bid. Wowing clients with next-gen visualization tech is crucial too. Say hello to Scaffold VR (now Avontus Viewer®)!

  • Today

    We’re continuing to innovate and release updates to the software that you rely on every day.

Our Team

And of course, none of it would have happened if it
wasn’t for our dedicated team.

  • Brian Webb


    Founder & CEO

    Having majored in civil engineering and minored in computer science, Brian has always dabbled in both realms. After college, his career began with five years of designing scaffold, shoring, and formwork structures as an engineering intern under David H. Glabe, P.E., as well as software projects with equipment companies. Before founding Avontus, Brian was employed by Autodesk and worked on the AutoCAD team to release AutoCAD 2000 through 2002. When there is free time, Brian travels and tries to spend all of it in the water, either scuba diving, lap swimming, or (preferably) taking a long open-water swim.

  • Susie Sargent


    Operations and Finance (Global)

    Susie earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Berkeley where she took courses as varied as microbiology and sculpture. She has worked with Avontus since its founding and has over 25 years of experience in business and financial management. She enjoys many creative outlets including welding as well as teaching and performing improv.

  • Alvin Pleil

    Alvin Pleil

    Director of Engineering

    Alvin has a diverse professional background as a teacher, physical therapist, and computer scientist. Over the past decade he has worked with software development teams and has coached, guided, and facilitated the software engineers and the software development cycles and processes. He brings the experience from all three fields to Avontus where he leads the Engineering Team that produces the high quality Avontus software products. When he’s not working, Alvin enjoys international traveling, dabbling in creative writing, and learning new languages. When football season rolls around, he enjoys watching the Pittsburgh Steelers, and on the international scene roots for Argentina. His current hobbies are disc golf, whisky tasting, and collecting jokes.

Shaun Whyman

Shaun Whyman

Sales & Training Manager

Shaun has a broad expertise of scaffolding within multiple global markets. He started his career within a civil engineering company, where he picked up the AutoCAD bug and became a proficient user of the product. Upon qualifying as an adult education lecturer, he taught AutoCAD at night school. After a couple of years, he moved on to a software company as a full-time civil engineering software trainer, and then progressed to scaffolding software training, sales demonstrations, and support for the UK and overseas scaffolding market. When he’s away from his desk, he can be seen out in the Peaks, covered in mud and sweat, mountain biking and trying to keep fit.

Tracey Williams

Tracey Williams

Implementation & Support (Global)

Tracey has many years of software training, support, and help desk management experience. Since 2011, she has been helping Avontus customers use their software to its full advantage through implementation management, software training, and support. In her spare time, she focuses on animal advocacy by volunteering with the Marine Mammal Center and the Berkeley Humane Society.

Mirko Micanovic

Mirko Micanovic

Support Manager

Mirko came from a long customer service and support background before joining Avontus in 2015. Mirko is dedicated to solving problems big and small, providing help and training, and ultimately making customers happy. In the off hours he pursues his passion in martial arts and enjoys the little things in life.

Sterling Hall

Sterling Hall

Sales Development Representative

Sterling is from Houston but started his career in the scaffolding industry in 2016 as a helper for a scaffold company in Orlando, and moved into the office as an estimator then transferring to sales where he has been for the last 3 years. He has worked on and sold jobs to Disney World, Universal Studios and Cape Canaveral and has a passion for technology that will improve the scaffold industry.

Sterling is a person of seemingly endless hobbies and always picking up new ones from sailing to Rubik’s cubes and skateboarding.

Rachel Rudnick

Rachel Rudnick


Rachel comes from a long background in customer service and software product support. She gets satisfaction from, and is dedicated to, solving problems and providing a great customer experience. During her free time, Rachel enjoys making scale models, crafting useful items from scratch, beach-going, gardening, and spending time with her son.

Emma Newman

Emma Newman

Customer Success

Emma has worked in customer service for most of her career. She enjoys talking to customers, both on the phone and face to face. Due to her personality and nature, she has great people skills and always strives to provide excellent customer service! When Emma is not working at Avontus, you will find her at the gym, at music festivals, out for dinner, being outdoors with her dog or just enjoying family time.

Riaan Du Plooy

Riaan Du Plooy

Sales Development Representative

Riaan is deeply passionate about all things scaffolding, from its erection to completion. He has 25 years’ worth of industry experience, starting as an erector, then moving into site and project management, before taking on various managerial roles. With his extensive background in scaffolding as both a trade and a business, Riaan aspires to help companies in South Africa and beyond to become safer and more productive using Avontus’s products. Outside of work, Riaan is a doting family man who can be seen cooking and enjoying outdoor activities with his wife and 2 kids.

Lee Christian

Lee Christian


Lee has 25 years of experience in the scaffolding and construction industries. Starting as a scaffolding erector and advancing to site supervisor, he eventually went into scaffolding design for a prestigious engineering and sales firm where he became the operations manager. Lee’s higher education in civil engineering helped him elevate operational excellence. His expertise has been the cornerstone of successful projects and his leadership and proficiency in scaffolding and construction help companies improve their standards.

Afshin Naeini

Afshin Naeini


Aff has extensive experience in IT, spanning from support roles to managing third-line infrastructure. He finds fulfillment in tackling challenges and ensuring exceptional customer experiences. Outside of work, Aff cherishes moments with his family and enjoys sports activities during his leisure time.

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