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AAIT Technocraft

AAIT / Technocraft

AAIT / Technocraft Scaffold Distribution is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality industrial scaffolding. Stocking large quantities of ringlock, cuplock, steel plank, and accessories, AAIT is capable of handling any project anywhere. AAIT scaffold products have quality built into the manufacturing process and all parts have traceability codes. The catalog here contains ringlock and cuplock scaffolding components along with all the necessary accessories to design your project in Avontus Designer.


AFIX, European scaffolding manufacturer focussing on Quality and Safety… Improving existing ring-style systems and Developing innovative safety solutions (first repairable steel decks in the market, first fiberglass components compatible with ring-style system, etc.). The AFIX catalogue with a wide range of accessories, in both English and Turkish, can be downloaded from here, and installed on Scaffold Designer.

Alfix Modul


ALFIX MODUL is a ring-style system that is fully compatible with Scaffold Designer. This catalog includes all ALLFIX components, including those found in their Multi and Metric line of scaffolding.


Altrad Futuro System

Altrad Futuro is the modular scaffolding system where scaffolds are built using multi boarded levels reducing the need for ledgers, as the steel boards form an integral part of the structure thus saving material, weight and labour.The catalog here contains all parts that can be downloaded and installed on Scaffold Designer.


Altrad Generation

Supplied by Altrad Generation in the UK, Plettac Contur is a ring-style system that allows for split corners and bays, stairtowers, and trusses for longer spans.



AT-PAC manufacturers a ring-style scaffolding. The catalog downloaded here contains their complete set of ring components, including updated part numbers from early 2016.



BilJax cup-style system scaffold is fully compatible with Scaffold Designer. Long lasting, durable, and manufactured with the highest quality materials. This download includes all of the cup style components.



Catari ring-style systems scaffolding, including stair tower components, planking, and all lengths made by Catari.


Direct Scaffold Supply (DSS)

Direct Scaffold Supply (DSS) is one of the largest and most trusted scaffold suppliers in North America and abroad. They manufacture and sell ring lock and cup lock system scaffold, frame/brace scaffold, tube/clamp, shoring systems, forming equipment, jobsite/crowd control fencing, and all related accessories. The catalog here contains all parts for their Ring Lock and Cuplock systems that can be downloaded and installed on Avontus Designer.



Conforming to all the relevant SABS Standards and South African regulations, Kwik-Stage has been used to provide safe access scaffolding, extending to over 100m in height, and is still the premier system of choice for access in South Africa. The catalog here contains the complete range for both, the Kwik-Stage and Super-Scaff products, manufactured by Form-Scaff.


Generation Genlok

Cup-type scaffolding components from high quality producer Generation Hire & Sales.

Generic European Ring Scaffold

A complete ring catalog that includes U-style ledgers, pedestrian stairways, child-safe guardrails, and many other components.



HAKI scaffolding is a unique 2-ring system with an Advance Guard Rail system that replaces a traditional ledger/bearer single-bar system. The catalog here is compatible with the complete range of HAKI steel and aluminum scaffolding and enable Scaffold Designer to design for stairs, loading towers, birdgcages, etc.

Peri Scaffolding

Peri Scaffolding

Peri systems is a unique ring-style scaffolding with a square-type ledger. This download contains the complete Peri catalog.

TRAD Plettac Metrix

Plettac Metrix

From TRAD Hire and Sales, Plettac Metrix is a unique ring-style scaffolding with a Permanent Advanced Guardrail that can be used instead of traditional ledgers and runners. Scaffold Designer allows you to use these guardrails on the inside of the bay, outside, or both, also in combination with a unique divisibility of traditional runners.



Proscaf’s clever yet simple modular systemProscaf of scaffolding and edge protection gives maximum versatility with high performance using minimal parts and effort. The bolt-free ringlock rosette connections provide 8 connections on each level – four at fixed and four at variable angles, making the system versatile for simple and complex sites alike. Without the need for bolts, Proscaf can be single-handedly assembled three times faster than a traditional tube and clip systems. The catalogue here contains all parts that can be downloaded and installed on Scaffold Designer.

Quick Ally

Quick Ally

Quick Ally is a unique aluminum kwikstage style scaffolding. Lightweight and efficient, the complete catalog is available for download here.


Safway Systems™ Scaffold

Safway Systems™ Scaffold is one of the simplest, most dynamic scaffold products ever developed, with a unique ring set design that accepts up to eight horizontal members. The catalog here contains the complete range. With its revolutionary design it enables Scaffold Designer easy adaptation to virtually any structure, inside and outside.



StepUp OCTO is a unique system, combining a frame guardrail across a dual connection cup system. Avontus Designer can use this guardrail on the inside of the bay, outside, or both. The complete catalog, including stair towers and other components, can be downloaded here.


StepUp Ring System Scaffold

StepUp Scaffolding’s RingLock System Scaffold for the Industrial, Commercial & Residential Markets is designed and manufactured to meet all scaffolding industry standards. It is one of the most used and recognized RingLock scaffolding for sale on the market today. The catalog here contains the complete range of components that can be downloaded and installed on Scaffold Designer.

Universal Scaffolding & Equipment

Universal Scaffold & Equipment

Universal Scaffold & Equipment has been supplying top quality scaffolding to the USA and abroad for over 30 years. Universal is centrally located in the logistics hub of Memphis, TN with one of the largest inventories of new scaffold available in the country. Universal manufactures full lines of ringlock, cuplock, tube/clamp, frame scaffolding and concrete shoring/forming products. The comprehensive catalog can be downloaded & installed here for all ringlock & cuplock systems on Scaffold Designer.

Universal Scaffolding

Universal Scaffolding

There are a number of key features to Universal System Scaffold that differentiate it from other wedge-type system scaffolds. The shape and design of the Rosette, Mouthpiece, and Wedge offer advantages in structural integrity and product life.  The catalog here contains the complete range for the Universal System Ring Scaffold product.

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