All About Beams

A new how-to article has been posted on the Avontus Help page.

Here’s a tutorial on how to create Beams.

With Casters, Scaffold Designer Is On a Roll!

Casters have been one of our most requested features. Now you can add casters to any or all verticals of any scaffold tower. Choose between two types of casters, fixed and adjustable.

Add Casters to any Scaffold

Use the Bay Details window to add casters to any scaffold tower. The new “All” column makes adding changes to all verticals or sides even easier!

Choose Between Fixed and Adjustable Casters

To adjust the length of any caster, select Adjustable Caster set the Jack Height


Add any Size Casters

Use the Material Master to add any size Casters


Tanks A Lot!

Originally posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

With the latest release of Scaffold Designer, drawing scaffolding around tanks and other round structures is easier than ever.



Watch the full-size version of tanks and other round structures video.




The new Polygon Wall feature converts tank objects into regular polygons, which makes creating a Tank Scaffold literally as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Create a Tank.





2. Convert the tank to a Polygon Wall.



3. Create a Wall Scaffold on the polygon.



It’s as easy as that.

By: Cliff Young



How to Add a Loading Bay in Scaffold Designer

Originally posted on Friday, May 22, 2015

You can now add Loading Bays to your scaffold designs.



Create a bay with dimensions that match your scaffold system’s loading bay



RingType: 2.5m (8’6”)

CupType: 2.4m (8’0”)

Kwikstage: 2.4m (8’0”)


(Loading Bay Transom is Kwikstage only.
For other systems, use appropriate load bearing member.)


Tip: If you want to use a different size loading bay, you can add one in the Material Master.

First select the existing Loading bay, then make a duplicate and change its dimensions.

Select the bay and, in the Bay Level Editor, click the More button on the level you wish to add the Loading Bay to. On the Level tab, select the side for the Loading Bay Gate.


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By: Cliff Young


How to Add a Return Transom to a Kwikstage Corner

Originally posted on Friday, May 22, 2015

You can now add Return Transoms to corner connections in Wall Scaffold.

  1. Select any room object or set of walls, which connect in a right angle, and click on the Wall Scaffold button.
  2. In the Wall Scaffold window, select the Independent Bays corner type, and check the Use Return Transom box.

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By: Cliff Young


How To Customize Any Bay In Scaffold Designer

Originally posted on Friday, April 17, 2015

In Scaffold Designer 2015, you can add or remove just about any material from any bay to design the scaffold you want.



Here are just some of the customizations you can make to your bays:

  • Remove (skip) individual vertical standards (legs)
  • Remove (skip) any bay side
  • Extend vertical standards (legs) above or below the bay level
  • Add ledgers to any node level
  • Add bracing anywhere
  • Create a planks-only bay



How to create a bay with only one material and add it to an existing bay.

In this example, we’ll add a ledger to the middle of a bay level.
(The same concept can be applied to any material.)

Create a ledger-only bay.

Skip all side, except one.Customize-Any-Bay-4l
Skip all verticals. Customize-Any-Bay-5l Customize-Any-Bay-5r
 Remove the top level.Customize-Any-Bay-6l Customize-Any-Bay-6r
Select the ledger-only bay and raise it to the desired level.


Move the ledger-only bay into place over the existing bay.





By: Cliff Young


How to Add Side Bracket Turnarounds to a Stair Tower

Originally posted on Monday, April 6, 2015

 Add-Side-Bracket-Turnarounds-1In addition to the stock stair tower types available with Scaffold Designer 2015, you can easily create stair towers with side bracket turnaround bays.


 Create a Stair Tower:


Convert the turnaround bays to connector bays.Add-Side-Bracket-Turnarounds-2r1


Drag the outer corners to the connector bay over the inner corners.


This will result in a 2-dimensional bay which we can use to anchor the side bracket turaround bays. The 2-dimensional bays will NOT show up in the BOM parts list.

Repeat for the turnaround bays on the other side of the stair tower.

 Add-Side-Bracket-Turnarounds-4Select the 2-dimensional connector bays, and add side-brackets.
Delete the bottom side bracket, and you’re all done. Add-Side-Bracket-Turnarounds-5

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By: Cliff Young



Advanced Stair Tower Techniques

Originally posted on Monday, April 6, 2015

Scaffold Designer 2015, has the most powerful and versatile Stair Tower capabilities. But with a few tricks, you can take your Stair Towers to new heights!

Adjust Stair Tower Height

Side Bracket Turnaround Bays

Adjust the height of a Stair Tower by dropping a Stair Bay to match the height of a Scaffold Deck or other structure:Add Side Bracket Turnaround Bays to a Stair Tower:
Advanced-Stair-Tower-Techniques-2In addition to the stock stair tower types available with Scaffold Designer 2015, you can easily create stair towers with side bracket turnaround bays.

By: Cliff Young