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A Faster Way to Create Scaffold BOMs

The design and counting of scaffolding structures can be a time-consuming, tedious process. This free AutoCAD plug-in virtually eliminates the counting process by providing a bill of materials in just a few simple steps. The installed templates contain all of the data necessary to draw the most common scaffolding equipment, but you can also easily add any custom components or non-standard lengths. The resulting bill of materials has several reports and pie charts that you can print, email, and export to Quantify, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and PDF.

Powerful CAD Plugin

Instant Materials Count

Spend less time counting parts and more time counting your profits. With Avontus Counter, you’re able to instantly generate a bill of materials (BOM) for your design. And just as easily export it to Quantify, Excel, Word, or PDF.

Integrates with Quantify

Asset tracking and rental billing have never been easier. Simply open your BOM in Quantify or share it with another Quantify user. Now you’re able to go from design to quote with just a few clicks.

Robust Reporting

Avontus Counter makes reporting a snap. Whether you need to print your BOM with rental rates, weights, and sell price, or compare weight ratios, all reports and graphs can be exported to Excel, Word, or PDF format.

Preloaded with Scaffold Systems

Frame and brace, ring, Kwikstage, and even tube and clamp. Avontus Counter comes preloaded with common systems from around the world. You can also add your own systems and sizes, or modify existing templates to meet your needs.

Customize Your Inventory

Easily customize descriptions, part numbers, weights, and more, to reflect your inventory. Edit individual part details, or change parts en-masse. Now you’re able to generate BOMs and quotes faster and more accurately.

Add Your Own Parts

Create individual parts or entire scaffolding blocks. Simply draw your part(s), create a custom attribute, and define product quantities. Now you can easily add them to your design and quickly generate a BOM.

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