Free Scaffold Design Software, Seriously

Scaffolding Software Solutions for AutoCAD Users

While we already offer an easy-to-use, standalone design and estimating tool for estimators and salespeople (Avontus Designer®), we want to help out engineers and others who are using CAD-type solutions like AutoCAD, too.

AutoCAD – despite being one of the most widely used CAD solutions in the market – still lacks some capabilities (e.g. material counting, specific building components) that are critical to the scaffolding industries.

That’s why we’ve released Avontus Counter®, a free add-on to AutoCAD ​for both 32- and 64-bit versions. The best part is that our free app also works seamlessly with BricsCAD too.

Continue reading to learn how our free scaffolding software can address AutoCAD’s challenges and how you can start using it today.

The Limitations of AutoCAD

If you’re an avid user of AutoCAD to create your scaffolding designs, then you’re no stranger to these issues:

Non-industry-specific design capabilities

Though AutoCAD has a built-for-all design functionality, it’s not specific enough for the scaffolding industry. Adding crucial scaffolding components like brackets and ledgers still requires manual creation.

Check out this blog post to see how our industry’s leading scaffolding design software Avontus Designer compares to AutoCAD

Lack of design estimating and material counting

Material counting is perhaps one of the most time-consuming tasks when creating scaffolding proposals. And unfortunately, AutoCAD doesn’t have a built-in feature that can automatically and accurately generate Bill of Materials (BOM).

And, because it integrates with Avontus Quantify®, you can easily create estimates with rates and new jobs.


Complex and expensive to use

While CAD-type software provides the highest level of flexibility and technical accuracy, it requires a dedicated operator with a specialized skillset. This creates additional labor costs that cut the already-thin margins that most contractors work under.

That’s why we created Avontus Designer for existing estimating, sales, and project management staff to use. However, engineers and consultants may have existing knowledge of CAD, and just be in need of an enhanced, scaffold-specific experience to help them work more efficiently.

How Avontus Counter Helps

Besides the fact that it’s a free scaffolding software, Avontus Counter is built with powerful capabilities that make it the perfect tool to complement your existing use of CAD.

Industry-specific designs

The software comes with a comprehensive and customizable block library that allows you to instantly create and modify 3D scaffold models right within the CAD-type solutions. There are drawing blocks for frame, tube and clamp, ring-type, and Kwikstage scaffolds available today.

Pedestrian walkways, rolling towers, stairs, and even complex industrial builds like access for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) plantmodules are all possible with the software.

Accurate material counts

Just like the name implies, the tool provides an instant count of materials used and weight charts. All it takes is a click of a button and you’ll get an accurate BOM. Any design modifications will be rapidly reflected in the latest BOM, too.

Company-wide collaboration

Not only that, but because the app seamlessly integrates with Avontus Quantify®, you can easily turn designs into estimates with rates and plan equipment needs for projects while tracking each piece from yard to site and automating rental billing. The Avontus Counter BOM also comes with various reports and graphs that can be exported into Excel, PDF, or Word formats – all great for collaboration.

Trusted by Industry

I’ve been using Scaffold Counter since 2012 and have found it a tremendous time-saver. The integration with Quantify for inventory control of our scaffolding asset helps keep everything under control.

Dave Clark
Contracts & Design Manager
MAS Asia Pacific

How Do I Get the Free Avontus Counter?

That’s easy! Just go to the Avontus Counter listing on AutoCAD App Store or BricsCAD Application Store and click Download. Activate it in AutoCAD or BricsCAD application and start generating accurate BOMs for all your scaffolding designs.

Get Your Free Scaffolding Design Software

We hope you find Avontus Counter to be a big help. Spread the word about this free tool and help your fellow engineers, too! Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us.

If you need solutions for non-AutoCAD users, or to manage your scaffolding business, check out our free Definitive Guide to Running a Profitable Scaffolding Business. In this eBook, we’ll dive deep into helpful strategies and tools for successful scaffolding business activities.