Scaffold Designer 2015 is Here!

Originally posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The best scaffolding software just keeps getting better! Avontus is proud to announce the latest release of Scaffold Designer, our easy-to-use scaffolding design and estimating software.


From 4-leg to 16-leg stair towers, Scaffold Designer’s completely redesigned Stair Tower control now offers 32 stair combinations for Ring/Cup type Scaffold and 27 combinations for Kwikstage.

Added options for stairway and guardrail materials ensure your drawing, and your Bill of Materials, match your actual build. See more now in our Stair Towers help video.

  • Ladders, New Materials, Bay Details, and More
  • This feature-packed release includes:
  • Flexible ladder settings and options
  • Advanced material options
  • Support for new materials, like child-safe guardrails
  • 3D vector copy of model view
  • Expanded bay customization, including skipped verticals and top level bracing

For a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes, please view the Release Notes or watch our stair tower video by clicking on the image below.

If you would like to schedule a demonstration of our software please contact us today.

By: Brian Webb

Quantify Cloud and Designer Pay-As-You-Go

Originally posted on Monday, June 2, 2014

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Affordable software to manage your scaffold, formwork, or industrial services company.


Introducing cloud and pay-as-you-go pricing options for all Avontus software products. On-premise or in the cloud, it’s your choice. With a small startup cost and a minimal monthly fee, you can have the best software available for scaffolding, formwork and industrial services companies.


You can start with a budget-friendly cloud-hosted or pay-as-you-go solution, and as your company grows, you can quickly convert to on-premises, if needed.


The exact same feature-rich version of Quantify is available in the cloud. Quantify was built from day 1 to evolve with the ever-changing needs of scaffolding, formwork, and industrial services companies. Quantify Cloud offers a low-cost, server-free solution without any per-user charges. This includes our fully-featured API, which allows your developers to tie our logic and data into your custom back-office solutions. With a single monthly fee, all of your customers and employees can do exactly what they need to do, all with no IT involvement.

  • 99% up-time
  • Servers located across the globe
  • No IT involvement needed
  • Automatic updates to the newest features
  • Regular backups
  • Quantify Web included with each subscription
  • From $349/month!


If you are on a budget or have a temporary need for design software, you can purchase a Pay-As-You-Go license. Pay-As-You-Go also has a minimal startup cost and a small monthly fee. Pay-As-You-Go is installed on your desktop, laptop, or tablet, and is easily activated and de-activated.

Scaffold Designer for Cup, Ring, and Kwikstage: $249

Scaffold Designer Kwikstage-only: $149

Handset Designer for Symons-style forms: $149


As with our on-premises offering, full implementation, data conversion, and customized training is included in your purchase of Quantify Cloud and Pay-As-You-Go products.


Cloud and Pay-As-You-Go customers receive the same highly-responsive and professional support as our on-premises customers.


Software updates are automatic and require no IT assistance. The cost of all updates is included in the subscription fee. Whenever our software is updated, web-based training specific to new features is provided at no additional cost for subscribers worldwide. View the training schedule.

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By: Michelle Caskey

Announcing Handset Designer R5

Originally posted on Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Handset Designer Avontus is proud to announce the new release of our popular formwork software, Handset Designer. First released in 2003, this new version also works under our subscription model pricing, which means you can purchase Handset Designer outright, or, if you’re operating under a limited budget, you can purchase Pay-as-you-go, which has a small startup cost and a monthly payment. Details can be found on our Handset Designer Purchase page, which also contains upgrade information for existing users.


What’s New?

  • Handset Designer is now an Add-In for Microsoft Visio 2013 on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 (Visio will not run on XP or Vista). Avontus is an authorized reseller for Microsoft Visio 2013, which is included in each purchase.
  • Integration with our robust, industry-proven inventory and billing software, Avontus Quantify. In just a few button clicks, Handset Designer materials can be pushed out to an estimate. The estimate can be converted to a reservation of materials, shipped to the jobsite, and optionally billed for per-piece or square foot rental, and others.Contact us today for a free online demonstration and trial.
  • You can now turn off 24” panels to eliminate them from the design. Previously these were always included, since they’re the major component.
  • Handset Designer can be taken into the field on a tablet or a Microsoft Surface computer for fast and easy estimates on the go.
  • Administrator access for running the software is no longer required.
  • Help system is now available onAvontus Assist.

Compatible with Harsco Mod-U-FormEMI EliteSymons Steel-Ply, Universal Uni-Ply, Red-Form, and many others. If your company has any handset forms, this software is a must!

By: Michelle Caskey

Quantify is Now in the Windows Store

Quantify is Now in the Windows Store

Originally posted on Thursday, May 9, 2013

If you’re thinking about upgrading to Windows 8, we want you to know that Quantify has been accepted into the Windows Store. In order for an application to be accepted into the Windows Store, Microsoft must first rigorously test it, to ensure compliance with Windows 8.

We’re pleased to be the first and only software application in the scaffolding industry that meets their stringent requirements.

Quantify is Now in the Windows Store

By: Brian Webb



Latest Quantify Product Guide Available

Originally posted on Saturday, June 18, 2011


The latest Quantify product guide is available online. The guide provides an overview of features, as well as details on specific Quantify functions. Find out all the ways Quantify can make your business life easier.  (3.5 MB)

By: Brian Webb

‘Beam Me Up’ Scaffold Designer

Scaffold Designer allows for simple and complex scaffolds to be easily designed, including Beam and Ply Spans and Dance Floors.

In just a few simple steps using the flexible Bay Details menu of Scaffold Designer and the generic Beam and Ply material list import you can create these structures.  Request your Generic Beam and Plywood import list from the Avontus team here ( ).

2016-12-02_09-31-25 2016-12-02_09-32-51

Design your supporting structure complete with guard rails and toe boards


Drag a New Bay to the page and Edit




Skip the Verticals and the Beam Space Sides using Bay Details




Set Base # and overlay beam bay and Add Bay to Side




Drag a New Bay to page and edit Base Node Elevation, Plank Type (to Wood Planks), and Convert to Plank Only Bay




Set the first board in place and Add Bay to Side to complete the plywood surface




Select Bill of Materials to see the component count


Beam Tips and Tricks

  1. Request your Beam and Ply import materials from Avontus here ( ).
  2. Material Master can be edited with your stock beam lengths and sizes.
  3. Custom properties can be edited to allow for different clamps and clips as required.
  4. Stringer and Beam configurations available by changing the Base Node Elevation in Bay Details.
  5. Double Plywood decks can be configured by adding the depth of plywood sheet to Base Node Elevation of plywood bay detail, on a new plywood bay.
  6. Custom guard reail height can be achieved with ‘Collapsed Connector Bays’.

Welcome to the new website

We’re proud to announce a newly revamped website, launched in the UK. Come back often to see new posts and more information on our products.