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New Scaffolding Robot and the Acceleration of Digital Transformation in Construction

For an industry that accounts for 6% GDP worldwide, construction players have been rather slow in technology adoption. However, the… Read More


The Evolution of Scaffold Design

From high-rise buildings, or historical sites, to far-off places, scaffolding has always been a critical component to aid infrastructure improvements and expansion.   We’ve come a… Read More

Skydeck Building, 2150 Shattuck

We’ve Moved!

I’m happy to announce that Avontus ran out of space and had to move! Please take note of our new… Read More

Estimated scaffolding requirement for the United States White House.

We Created Scaffolding Estimates for These Iconic Buildings

As scaffold designers and engineers, it’s likely that you’ve traveled with your family or friends and the thought has crossed… Read More

A group of scaffolders working on bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong.

The Main Types of Scaffolding Used in Construction

Scaffolding is an integral part of almost all construction projects and has been used ever since the first structures were… Read More

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