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New Scaffolding Robot and the Acceleration of Digital Transformation in Construction

The digital transformation of the construction industry has drastically improved productivity growth on a global scale. And it’s exciting news for us! Unlocking the Potential for Construction Technology For an industry that accounts for 6% GDP worldwide, construction players have been rather slow in technology adoption. However, the rising impact of construction technologies has opened […]

The Evolution of Scaffold Design

From high-rise buildings, or historical sites, to far-off places, scaffolding has always been a critical component to aid infrastructure improvements and expansion.   We’ve come a long way since the early days of scaffold construction. As an industry innovator, we are proud to present the new evolution of scaffold design. Here, you will learn about the use cases for augmented reality […]

We’ve Moved!

I’m happy to announce that Avontus ran out of space and had to move! Please take note of our new address and update your records. Avontus Software 2150 Shattuck, Suite 750 Berkeley, CA 94704 We’re now right across the street and moved from the Wells Fargo Bank building to the Skydeck Building. You can see […]

Scaffolding Estimates for Top Buildings Around the World

As scaffold designers and engineers, it’s likely that you’ve traveled with your family or friends and the thought has crossed your mind, “How much scaffolding would it take to cover that building?” From the White House to Buckingham Palace, we tried to create scaffolding estimates for buildings that most designers dream of working on. Using […]

Major Types of Scaffolding in Construction

Scaffolding is an integral part of almost all construction projects and has been used ever since the first structures were built. Commonly needed to get access to structures at height during construction, scaffolding can serve many different purposes. Sometimes scaffolding is used to support workers and their tools, other times they’re needed to support significant […]

New Enhancements for Scaffold Designer in 2015!

Originally posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 The best scaffolding software just keeps getting better! Avontus is proud to announce the latest release of Scaffold Designer, our easy-to-use scaffolding design and estimating software. STAIR TOWERS From 4-leg to 16-leg stair towers, Scaffold Designer’s completely redesigned Stair Tower control now offers 32 stair combinations for Ring/Cup […]