Standard Scaffold

Standard Scaffold and Insulation

After trials of several different software programs, we determined Avontus Designer was the best option due to its stability, broad range of scaffold types, and unique features such as the Tank Designer. Some favorite features are the Bill of Materials, the quick learning curve, and the designs produced. Another of Avontus Designer’s strongest traits is intuitiveness. We were able to learn it very quickly. Avontus Designer has improved the success of our business by allowing me to get an accurate BoM every time, and making my quotes look more professional by including a sharp design. As far as product support, Michelle and Ali have been very supportive and responded quickly the few times I’ve had an issue. I would absolutely recommend Avontus Designer to others in our industry. I think the industry has taken a turn and estimators can no longer rely on hand drawn sketches. The impression of a nice design will often trump competitors even if they have a lower price.

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