Burgess & Berry Insulation

Burgess & Berry

This program has really helped us to bid and win some of the bigger jobs that we would have been reluctant to bid before due to the uncertainty of what material might be needed. Avontus Designer gives us instant counts of everything you need for the build and has been a valuable tool to help keep our company growing and turning around bids as quickly as possible. It’s also very easy to make changes to the scaffold design. My experience with Avontus Designer has been great. It’s helped us reduce the amount of extra material brought to a job site, so we have more in our yard for other projects. It generates a great looking proposal sheet, giving customers a great preview of what they’ll be working on. This has helped our company get a few jobs that we would not have normally gotten. The help videos are very informative and Avontus have been great at showing me the program’s capabilities and answering my questions quickly.

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