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What Customers Want from Scaffold Suppliers

Looking to increase sales and land more customers this year? Understanding your customers’ needs and wants can help you develop a strong reputation for being a reliable scaffold supplier.

Cost overruns and project delays are the ultimate bane of construction project managers. These often happen due to inaccurate estimates and changes that happen during the project life cycle.

In the current digital-focused era, customers are increasingly looking for suppliers who can provide accurate quotes and execute a project safely with minimal project delay. After all, no one likes a contractor or supplier who inflates project costs or delays a project without warning.

When you have happy and satisfied customers, not only will they keep coming back, but they are also more likely to refer you to their network.

So how do you keep your customers happy? Here are three things to keep in mind as a scaffold supplier to ensure that you’re providing the best customer experience possible.

Being Responsive

Customers are often busy and have project deadlines to meet. They aren’t looking to waste any time with back-and-forth requests, or spend hours on the phone trying to land a reliable scaffold supplier who will take their needs seriously.

Being responsive is important so that you don’t lose your customer or keep them waiting unnecessarily. That’s why manual processes are being replaced by automated ones through technology to cut down waiting time and improve efficiency.

You can achieve this by combining the use of Avontus Designer® and Avontus Quantify®. While the former provides an inventory list for your scaffolding project, the latter can quickly give you an estimate.

With this quick and easy way to generate estimates, monitor inventory, generate invoices, and more, you can provide quotes to your customers without delay. You can create estimates for new bids and materials forecasts seamlessly by quoting by piece, weight, unit rate, hard dollar, and more.

Once you get the job, the software helps you turn the estimate into a shipment and you’re ready to start the job.

The scaffold design process is also made much faster with Avontus Designer. With this powerful design software, you can rapidly generate a design so that they aren’t kept waiting.

Changes often happen due to safety concerns and other issues, but they can delay the design process when it’s done manually. With Designer, you can quickly make changes and modifications. In short, it boasts all the ideal features that a scaffolding design software should possess.

After a virtual handover with your customer, you can walk through these changes in Avontus Viewer in AR/VR so that they have even more clarity on the final design and everyone is on the same page.

By being responsive in your estimates and quotes, you can potentially win over your customer before they have the chance to look for other suppliers.

Being Transparent

When you are transparent in your communication with your customers, you can quickly gain trust and credibility. It’s often difficult to be transparent when your team relies on manual processes like Excel spreadsheets and pen and paper, so this is where technology can really help you.

With inventory tracking and scaffold management software like Quantify, you get real-time updates on where your inventory is so that potential overruns and delays can be quickly reported to your customers.

Plus, you can provide accurate and up-to-date rental invoicing details through Quantify so that your customers are well-aware of any inflated costs. You can also oversee your project quickly so you can easily update your customer of what’s going on without keeping them in the dark.

Project Control

Customers often get anxious or frustrated when they feel that a project has gone out of their control. For project managers, it’s their job to ensure that a project is going smoothly and staying on-budget. They also want to feel heard and know that their needs are being met during the process.

When your customer is well aware of what’s going on in a project and is kept informed about any changes along the way, they will feel more in control of the project. When they can see clearly what’s happening at every stage of the project, they can be more confident that their goals will be achieved and that their project is well within their control

With Avontus Quantify, you manage every scaffold from beginning to end, capturing everything from equipment, rental, scheduling, productivity, and safety details in one place. When your customers see this, they know you’re in control of the project and in turn, they feel more secure. Your cost savings from reducing material wastage can be pretty significant too.

Win Over Your Customers

Scaffold suppliers who leverage technology in their business ultimately gain more credibility with their customers.

Software that helps you become more responsive and transparent and provide more project control helps you meet the needs of your customers, which keeps them coming back to you.

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