Announcing Avontus Designer® Update with Extensive Built-in Training Features

We’re excited to introduce multiple new training features and improvements to Avontus Designer. This major release aims to help you master the software, create high-quality designs and develop winning bids.

Avontus Designer has transformed businesses everywhere with simple drag-and-drop design capabilities, powerful features like automatic bill of materials, as well as advanced 3D, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) for scaffolding visualization.

In the latest release, Avontus Designer is enhanced with a comprehensive library of training videos, breaking down into bite-sized topics. A convenient side-by-side viewing mode also allows you to watch the training materials while interacting with the software. With the built-in video player, you can quickly learn Avontus Designer and deliver professional, accurate designs in next to no time.

Scaffold Designer's new Training Video Player allows users to learn the software quickly.
Scaffold Designer’s new Training Video Player

Additionally, you can learn how to generate stunning 3D models for winning sales presentations. By pairing Avontus Designer with the free Avontus Viewer® app, you can instantly share your models with clients and crew in real-time, whether on-site or remotely, in interactive 3D, AR or VR. In addition to these training enhancements, the latest Scaffold Designer release also includes the following bug fixes and improvements to the design components:

  • Boiler support structure with zero length is no longer used in boiler scaffold builds.
  • The support structure is now properly added in boiler scaffolds.
  • New visual elements like domes, beams, and multiple coloring, shading options for vivid illustration.

For businesses, you can take advantage of Avontus Designer to improve bidding strategies, by enabling users, both salespersons and CAD designers, to learn the software basics fast and create high-value design proposals.

As of April 8, 2020, we’re offering two months of free access to Scaffold Designer to support the scaffolding industry amid the current construction slowdown. This initiative aims to help scaffolding businesses upskill employees, build new competitive advantages, and come back from the Covid-19 disruption stronger than ever.

For more information about the free Scaffold Designer license, visit or contact us at