We’re Offering Free Access to Avontus Designer® to Help You Come Back Stronger

Scaffold Designer free access

Updated on September 21, 2020 – This campaign has ended. However, you can still enjoy savings on Avontus Designer with zero startup costs and free training until October 2, 2020.

Seeing the rapid impact of the coronavirus on the construction industry, we’ve been looking for ways to help scaffolding businesses stay resilient through uncertainty.

Starting today, we will begin rolling out free access to our Avontus Designer to all scaffolding businesses, both new and existing customers, with the following benefits:

  • Zero startup cost for new software implementations (Save US$595)
  • Free 2-month access to Avontus Designer Professional (Save US$498)
  • Free training and webinars for all scaffolding professionals

Sign up for one month of free access, and we’ll give you a second month for free.

(*)This offer is valid until September 21, 2020

Using Avontus Designer to Build New Strengths

Avontus Designer brings powerful advantages to scaffold businesses. The software dramatically accelerates the design process with a simple drag-and-drop interface and time-saving features like an instant, accurate bill of materials. In these times of virtual meetings, scaffold businesses will appreciate the ability to perform remote walkthroughs and handovers using Avontus Designer’s advanced 3D, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology.

At Avontus, we’re committed to helping you strengthen your business and build competitive advantages. That’s why in addition to providing free access to Avontus Designer, we are also launching a Training series with weekly webinars to help you master the software quickly. Covering a wide range of skillsets and topics, our training webinars will be available to the public, so that all scaffolding businesses can train their teams and get them onboard the digital transformation.

Can’t wait for the next webinar? No problem. The software includes a library of built-in tutorials that you can access at any time within the software. This gives you the ability to watch a video and put your new skills to the test immediately. Our live Support team is also available to help.

Reduce Cost and Increase Competitive Advantages

More than ever, our customers are counting on Avontus Designer to facilitate remote collaboration capabilities and maintain productivity during downtime. In addition to your current Avontus Designer licenses, you can begin new 60-day free licenses as well.

Whether you are in the midst of adjusting to new operating procedures or calling a halt to your current projects, you can take advantage of this time to implement modern tools, hone your skills and build new strengths in technology.

Supporting the industry and our customers remains a top priority. When our industry emerges from the other side of this challenging time, we will all come back stronger than ever.

Sign up for one month of free access, and we’ll give you a second month for free*.

(*)This offer is valid until September 21, 2020

For more information on this Scaffold Designer free access. Please contact our team at support@avontus.com.