4 Reasons You Need Integrated Scaffolding Solutions

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In complex cross-department collaboration, it’s crucial to ensure information accuracy and transparency throughout your projects.

Maintaining visibility and communication among all involved is where challenges arise. Scaffolding businesses – like all companies – lose money due to inefficient workflows. The disconnected deployment of systems across multiple functions – for instance, design, accounting, and the field – can sink your projects:

  • Siloed data between design work and materials counting can cause inventory discrepancies.
  • Inaccurate bills of materials and changing project scopes can lead to rework and invoice errors.
  • Miscommunication between administrators and scaffold users can compromise scaffold safety.
  • Lengthy equipment or material approval processes can delay project timelines.

Many scaffolding companies are turning to integrated management system software to overcome these challenges. We recommend choosing scaffolding-specific software to reap the greatest benefits. Read on to learn why you need advanced scaffolding solutions to bring together all the components of your business.

1| Built Specifically for the Scaffolding Industry

An industry-specific solution means that it’s able to handle exact job requirements. Developers of such solutions are aware of the complexities of the scaffolding industry and their software will also address most of your scaffold management needs.

Scaffolding software is designed to handle all your day-to-day processes, including design, asset control, and rental. Integration is essential if you use multiple software programs to address different areas of your scaffolding business. The resulting best-of-breed solution should then be intuitive and error-free. For instance, Quantify, our advanced scaffold inventory solution, works seamlessly with our scaffold design software. With integrated programs, you can provide an accurate drawing and materials list to your customers without duplicating data entry, which can lead to errors. After all, poor data management is a major contributor to global construction rework.

2| Fast and Accurate Information Capture

Integrated scaffolding software allows you to instantly capture information, so you can provide accurate estimates and designs.

Real-time inventory insights

With real-time inventory insights, advanced scaffolding software programs like Quantify and Avontus Designer offer accurate material estimates based on scaffold designs. Avontus Designer creates a bill of materials and Quantify shows whether the materials are in stock. The outcome is a customer-ready proposal, minus concerns over equipment or material availability. Once you win a bid and get the job, quickly turn your estimate into a shipment right from the software, and you’re good to go.

Instantly import designs for better planning

Accuracy is also crucial in scaffolding design, so you’ll want to integrate with software that allows you to quickly import the building plan in PDF or AutoCAD formats; then, drag and drop scaffold parts into place. Not only does it save time, but plan importing greatly improves design accuracy, too.

Import and export different file types in Avontus Designer software.

Faster, more competitive estimates

Being able to produce competitive, accurate estimates quickly is the key to standing out and winning more bids. With an integrated scaffolding solution, you can automatically generate a bill of materials based on your design. This way, you can cut scaffold drawing and material counting time by up to 90 percent.

3| Automated Scaffold Processes

More efficient processes lead to more profits for your scaffolding company, so automate tedious, repetitive tasks with an advanced scaffolding software solution.

Detailed Scaffolding Progress Monitoring

Many scaffolding companies have several branches and work on projects across multiple locations. Keeping track of the progress and materials is difficult without a centralized system.

With an inventory management system, managers and staff can monitor the materials and progress of each job at all branches at any time.

Complex Scaffold Models in Minutes

Using pen and paper or complex design programs that aren’t specifically designed for scaffolding requires hours of tedious work. With scaffold-specific design software, it’s easy to quickly design scaffolding models in 3D. For example, Avontus Designer is compatible with AutoCAD and BIM packages such as Navisworks, Revit and Tekla Structures, and offers an intuitive interface as well as automatic and customizable scaffolding designs to help you create complex structures at speed.

Here’s an example of Designer’s capabilities.

4| Safety-First Designs

A critical part of scaffolding work is safety. A mistake in design can lead to a fatal accident at worst or, at the least, result in fines due to lack of compliance. Scaffolding software enables you to adhere to local standards and ensure safety compliance by providing leg load calculations and the configuration of individual components such as bracing, ties, and sill or sole plates.

In addition, by using an integrated viewer for your designs, you can identify potential safety issues like gaps and missing decks that are otherwise obscured in a two-dimensional illustration. Virtually walk through your designs as a team to catch these issues before work starts.

Integrated Scaffolding Solutions that Do It All

If you’re considering integrated scaffolding solutions, look for a suite of advanced software solutions that does it all and integrates with your existing software like AutoCAD.

Quantify, Avontus Designer, and Avontus Viewer work seamlessly together so everyone from the job site foreman to the branch manager will have access to inventory and design information. An intuitive system user interface allows your staff to start using the software in next to no time. Plus, we offer unlimited support in addition to an extensive library of documentation and how-to videos.


Using a solid scaffolding rental management solution, you can monitor every aspect of your project, including inventory levels, invoicing, and equipment tracking. Since Quantify integrates with Avontus Designer, no project data gets lost.

Avontus Designer

The complete scaffold design functionalities allow you to create and manage scaffold models all in one place. Say goodbye to paper-based drawing and manual materials counting.

Avontus Viewer

Avontus Viewer

To ensure that your designs align with your customer’s requirements, clear, detailed views of them are essential. With advanced visualization capabilities including virtual reality, you have the power to inspect your design accurately before workers and materials hit the job site.

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