Quantify® 2021 Is Here, and It’s Better Than Ever

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We’ve officially released Quantify 2021 – bringing you the best version ever to date. The software is now updated with several exciting features and enhancements to further improve your scaffold and inventory management. 

For those of you who have yet to discover what Quantify can do for your business, the system handles it all. This includes estimates to equipment forecasts, real-time inventory, logistics management, industrial scaffold tracking. Plus, automated invoicing keeps cash flowing whether you’re billing by piece, weight, unit rate, composite rate, hard dollar, or more.

With Quantify, you’ll gain control over your inventory as you’ll be able to know exactly what you own and where it’s located. You can maximize utilization and avoid shortfalls as you track your equipment, orders, backorders, and re-rents. 

The software also works seamlessly when you’re away from the office and on the field. Mobile technology allows you to inspect scaffolds with your smartphone or tablet using Avontus Quantify Web. View interactive site maps, scan QR-coded scaffold tags, request equipment, and generate inventory and scaffold reports when you’re on the go.  

It has continuously evolved over the years, and we’re constantly looking for better ways to improve efficiency in your business. We’re always focused on meeting our customers’ needs, and we’re proud to bring you our latest and greatest version so far.  

Here’s what you can expect from Quantify 2021.

Productivity, Security, and More

With new quality-of-life, security, and compliance features, Quantify is better than ever. We’ve also updated our look and feel and enhanced user experience in several areas. Check out what else is new:

  • Integration with Xero is now more secure with OAuth 2.0 sign-in and authentication.
  • Requests on both web and desktop now include consumables, as well as enhanced filtering to limit the non-stocked parts at a location.
  • To make it easier to reuse a bill of materials (BOM), you can now copy the BOM from any shipment in any status to a new shipment.
  • Installers are all now ISO 19770-2 software identification compliant. This helps larger organizations identify what software is installed.
  • You can now filter equipment in the request portal to only show materials for the parent location.
  • Rental invoices with a zero amount can now be synchronized with QuickBooks.
  • Expressions in pivots and reports have been improved to allow for more calculations.
  • Rendering of the request portal on the Microsoft Edge browser has been improved.
  • The Cost column is now available on the transaction products pivot.
  • Update certificate is now used to digitally sign all of the binaries.
  • Estimate pivot now performs better with thousands of estimates.

Responding to Your Needs

We’re always keeping an ear on the ground so that we can make Quantify better and more efficient for our customers. Our team has tirelessly gone through crash reports and support tickets to identify top priorities, and we’re happy to report a number of fixes with the new release, so you can be even more productive.

  • Fixed inconsistencies regarding reorder, inspection, and warranty notifications.
  • Fixed issue where scaffold tracking job sites could be set as inactive when there are active stock balances.
  • Fixed issue where the description on the invoice additional charges pivot wasn’t matching the description on the shipment.
  • Fixed issue where Quantify was incorrectly locking a return even though it was created after the job was invoiced.
  • Fixed issue where the Created Date on some of the invoices was displaying the current date and not the date and time the invoice was created.
  • Estimate pivot now performs better with thousands of estimates.
  • When copying an estimate to a reservation, the To and From combo boxes were locked.
  • Invoice pivot now correctly identifies User1 (salesperson) for scaffold tracking job sites.
  • Fixed bug on shipment when copying all available items into Out of Service.
  • Fixed performance issue when swapping multiple re-rented materials with owned at the jobsite level.
  • Improved performance viewing scaffolds on Google Earth for jobsites with thousands of scaffolds.
  • Fixed issue with sorting dates on product forecast.
  • Fixed issue with the quantity pivot where damaged and repairable materials were not matching the report.
  • Fixed issue where purchase and work orders were not appearing on summary invoices in certain situations.
  • Fixed issue where the custom catalog column (Custom1) was not visible when selling consumables.
  • Fixed issue where the Comment field in the Products tab was not displaying on the products grid.
  • Fixed issue where the Last Cost entry in the product catalog was incorrectly added when voiding a transaction.
  • Fixed issue where an incorrect error message appeared when setting a product as inactive when there are out of service items.
  • Fixed issue where multiple rental rates across the same serialized product were not consistent in some cases.
  • Resolved various crash reports.

Take Control of Your Fleet Management with Quantify 2021

There’s no time like the present to discover how you can transform your scaffolding or equipment business with technology. Say goodbye to manual inventory tracking and lost assets with Quantify 2021 and gain better control of your projects. Find out more about Quantify and the Avontus Software lineup here.