Podcast: Join Our Conversation about the Scaffold Industry

Avontus Deal Team Six Podcast Blog Feature Image

We were featured on the Deal Team Six podcast!

Avontus CEO Brian Webb and Director of Strategic Partnerships Ali Hajighafouri joined hosts Tammie Miller and Tim Olesczcuk for an insightful conversation covering issues, trends, and the future of the scaffolding world. Whether you’re an industry veteran or just getting started, you’ll be sure to learn something from it. Check it out here.

The podcast highlights relevant, recurrent problems in the industry and possible solutions. Highlights include:

  • Avoiding inventory losses
  • Forecasting unpredictable project developments
  • Optimizing limited resources
  • Improving visualization of scaffolding sketches
  • Ways to approach slowdown after acquiring equipment

One interesting discussion was about scaffold inventory management and its importance both to profitable day-to-day operations and to making a business attractive to potential investors and buyers. Brian spoke about the inefficiencies of using Excel spreadsheets for inventory tracking and how a well-interconnected system would be a better solution. He shared how Avontus Quantify® was designed for this very need.

Innovators and tech enthusiasts should hear Ali’s intriguing explanation of 4D and 5D scaffolding technologies. He touched on the future of virtual and augmented reality in the world of scaffolding, and how they ease visual communication between scaffold developers and clients. The panel then discussed how Avontus Designer® and the Avontus Viewer® app allow clients to walk through scaffold drawings in real life and view every detail of scaffold drawings from any angle.

Brian believes that Avontus Software’s products can make scaffolding companies more productive by reducing distractions, administrative overhead, and waste. Both he and Ali share some valuable information on what it takes for a company to make the jump from using manual methods to taking advantage of technology. It’s easier than you might think!

Deal Team Six is a mergers and acquisitions podcast that shares stories of business owners and industry leaders. Head over to their website to find out more. (total listening time: 1:06:25)