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New Project Stories Page Highlighting Customer Success

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We’re always thrilled to see how our customers are using Avontus Designer® to create unique and complex scaffold designs to meet their clients’ requirements. 

As leaders in delivering access solutions, our customers take on projects of all sizes as they tackle challenges head-on to provide scaffolds that are functional, suitable, and cost-effective.

We recently asked some of our top customers to answer a quick survey about their most challenging projects and how they addressed them using Designer to render scaffold plans that fit the project’s requirements.

Many also use our virtual reality, augmented reality, and YouTube upload features to provide stunning walkthroughs of these designs with Avontus Viewer®
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Now, we are proud to feature these project stories on our brand-new Our Customer Projects page on the Avontus website. We hope these will inspire you in your scaffolding journey!

Here are some highlights from the new page:

Inspiring Project Stories

Scaffolds can be challenging when they have to be erected in hard-to-reach places. Here, our customers share their experiences and how they solved these complex problems.

For example, SMS Group Services were faced with the challenge of maintaining the underside of one of Australia’s busiest jetties. Designing the scaffold was no easy task as accessing the area was not ideal with the harsh weather conditions.

Using Designer and their ingenuity, SMS Group Services worked out a long-term solution to repair the jetty without disrupting its busy operations.

This is how they did it: Maintaining One of Australia’s Biggest Jetties

Before and After

These project stories show us how scaffolding companies like yours can take on the most challenging of scaffolding projects by using software like Designer.

It’s always impressive to see a scaffold design come to life. On this page, we showcase the before and after images of a scaffold design rendered in Designer, and the final completed scaffold design after erection.

Left: Image of 3D design Right: Completed scaffold
Image Source: Complex Shoring and Access Under Budget

Firms like Classic Industrial Services found that using the software was an essential part of achieving their goals to fulfill their client’s requirements.

Matthew P. Hawley, Director of Estimating at Classic Industrial Services, said, “With the combination of the customer’s field team, Classic team members, and Avontus Designer we were able to accomplish this goal. We utilized Avontus Designer for all pre-construction activities in developing the execution plan in conjunction with all parties involved on the project.”

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Submit Your Story

Have you also got a project story and design to share? We’d be thrilled to feature it on this page. Click here to answer a brief survey and submit your designs.