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New Enhancements for Scaffold Designer® in 2016!


Originally posted on Monday, January 18, 2016

Ladders are looking up!

We’ve updated Scaffold Designer’s ladder capabilities to include some of our most requested features.

  • Centered Ladder Placement
  • Deck-to-Deck Transom
  • Side-Centered Deck Penetration
  • Hook-on Vertical Ladders (KwikStage)
  • Trap Door Access (KwikStage)
  • Hatch Type Access Deck with Built-in Ladders (Ring system)

More Enhancements

We didn’t stop with ladders.

  • Support Variable Sized Materials (Adjustable Ledgers, Planks, etc.)
  • Combine Duplicate Materials in the BOM
  • Easily Create Plank-Only Bays

Centered Ladder Placement

Scaffold Designer now supports Deck-to-Deck Mid Transoms, so you can place ladders in the center of any side of the bay.


Centered Ladder Placement fully supports ladder “skipping” so deck penetrations can be placed in the middle of any bay side.


KwikStage: Trap Door Access with Hook-on Vertical Ladders

Scaffold Designer’s KwikStage system now supports Hook-on Vertical Ladders with Trap Door Access.


Ring: Hatch-Type Access Deck with Built-in Ladder

Scaffold Designer supports Hatch Access Deck with Built-in Ladder for Ring system scaffolding. These will list as a single part in the BOM.


Variable Sized Materials

Scaffold Designer supports adjustable parts with variable sizes (adjustable ledgers, planks, etc.)

In the Material Master, create several materials with the same part number and different lengths. new-enhancements-2016-5
Create bays using your new materials. new-enhancements-2016-6
In the BOM, these materials will display separately. You can combine these with the “Combine Duplicates” button. new-enhancements-2016-7

Plank-only Bays

In Scaffold Designer, you can add or remove just about any material from any bay to design the scaffold you want (read more about bay customization)

We’ve added the ability to easily create plank-only bays with one click.


By: Cliff Young