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How to Customize Your Scaffold Bays in Avontus Designer®


Originally posted on Friday, April 17, 2015

In Scaffold Designer 2015, you can add or remove just about any material from any bay to design the scaffold you want.


Here are just some of the customizations you can make to your bays:

  • Remove (skip) individual vertical standards (legs)
  • Remove (skip) any bay side
  • Extend vertical standards (legs) above or below the bay level
  • Add ledgers to any node level
  • Add bracing anywhere
  • Create a planks-only bay

How to create a bay with only one material and add it to an existing bay.

In this example, we’ll add a ledger to the middle of a bay level.
(The same concept can be applied to any material.)

Create a ledger-only bay.

Skip all side, except one.Customize-Any-Bay-4l
Skip all verticals. Customize-Any-Bay-5l Customize-Any-Bay-5r
Remove the top level.Customize-Any-Bay-6l Customize-Any-Bay-6r
Select the ledger-only bay and raise it to the desired level.


Move the ledger-only bay into place over the existing bay.



By: Cliff Young