How to Easily Add Side Bracket Turnarounds to a Stair Tower


Originally posted on Monday, April 6, 2015

 Add-Side-Bracket-Turnarounds-1 In addition to the stock stair tower types available with Scaffold Designer® 2015, you can easily create stair towers with side bracket turnaround bays.




 Create a Stair Tower:



 Convert the turnaround bays to connector bays.Add-Side-Bracket-Turnarounds-2r1



Drag the outer corners to the connector bay over the inner corners.


This will result in a 2-dimensional bay which we can use to anchor the side bracket turaround bays. The 2-dimensional bays will NOT show up in the BOM parts list.


Repeat for the turnaround bays on the other side of the stair tower.

 Add-Side-Bracket-Turnarounds-4 Select the 2-dimensional connector bays, and add side-brackets.
Delete the bottom side bracket, and you’re all done.  Add-Side-Bracket-Turnarounds-5

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By: Cliff Young