Four Ways to Reduce Costs When Implementing Scaffolding Software 

Incorporating technology into your business is a great way to improve your profitability and efficiency, but not if it breaks your bank. For scaffolding firms, especially those that are smaller or just starting out, investing in technology is often a difficult decision.

Software can be costly to implement, especially when you factor in training for your staff and the learning process to get them up to speed on the software.

With so many different types of software out there, you want to be sure that you’re investing in the right software for your business while staying within budget.

Here are four cost-saving tips to keep in mind when implementing scaffolding software for your business.

Choose from All-in-One or Best-in-Breed

When looking for software solutions, you can narrow your choice down to either all-in-one solutions or best-in-breed.

What’s the difference? All-in-one solutions are software products that attempt to serve many different functions of a company. Best-in-breed solutions specialize in delivering the best possible solution, but for one function or a small group of functions.

For scaffolding companies, best-in-breed is often the way to go. This is because they’re hyper focused on a specific area such as inventory management or scaffold design. Therefore, you can choose particular areas of your business that you want to improve with technology rather than spending on products that don’t exactly meet these needs.

Choose Industry-Leading Brands

To be sure that you’re investing in the right technology, make sure you’re choosing the right software brand for your business.

Industry-leading companies have done the legwork to ensure that software has been designed with your needs in mind. They’re often more established than newer companies and can provide more training and resources for you once you’ve deployed the software

Do your research and talk to your network so that you can find out what the best industry-leading software providers are and how they can help you improve your business.

Explore Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

According to a recent report by BMC Software, SaaS products are still continuously growing in popularity. As it is, the SaaS market is currently growing by a robust 18% each year. This growth is driven by both small and big businesses alike, given that nearly 78% of small businesses have already invested in a SaaS product.

One of the main factors behind this surge of popularity is the subscription-based pricing model. The major benefit of SaaS for those looking to reduce costs when buying software is their similarity to leasing. The end user pays a fee to use the product, but they do not necessarily own the product. You usually sign up for a payment plan over a set period whereby you can choose to renew or terminate the service after it ends.

Since SaaS products are often hosted on the cloud by the provider, you save time and money since you don’t have to host the product on your own server or hire an IT professional to set it up for you.

Compare Pricing Models

If you’re a small business, your budget is obviously going to be different than bigger companies who are looking to serve more customers. You don’t want to be paying big bucks for a full software plan when you actually only need to leverage one aspect of the software.

Spending on a basic plan is also a great way to test the software and its capabilities instead of splurging on a comprehensive plan only to find out that it’s not what your company actually needs.

Some companies offer different pricing models, so do check them out before you invest in new software. Whether it’s just the basics you need or a more comprehensive solution, make sure that you’re spending in accordance with what you actually require.

Investing in the Right Technology

Ultimately, you’ll want to invest in technology that suits your business needs. In a niche industry like scaffolding, you’ll have better success with products that are closely aligned to your business.

Whether it’s inventory tracking, design software, or project management, Avontus’s range of products has you covered!