Four Reasons You Need Scaffolding Design Software

A scaffolding drawing is the foundation of any scaffolding project. It helps to determine the quality, stability, and safety of a project, besides being the first item that you present to your prospective clients. It could make or break your deal.

So if you want to create better projects and impress clients, you need to consider new practices in producing and managing your scaffolding designs. This is where scaffolding design software comes in.

Continue reading to find out four reasons why you need a scaffold-specific design software to take your scaffolding projects to the next level.

What Is Scaffolding Design Software?

Scaffolders have been relying on hand-drawn sketches and drawings for centuries. They’re reliable and make great use of the talent and skills of designers within the industry. But soon, scaffold designers began using engineering programs such as AutoCAD to create construction designs. While it is an advancement from the manual drawings, it is still far too complicated for those without AutoCAD mastery.

Now, scaffold-specific design programs are available. They often come with 3D models of the drawings, and a built-in catalog of scaffolding from various manufacturers that designers can work with. Designers can create intricate plans with just a few clicks of the mouse and view the plan in detail. Some design programs come with an automated list of materials needed for the design. So it’s not just a design program, but an all-rounded system to aid scaffolding planning.

4 Reasons You Need Scaffolding Design Software

Scaffolding design programs are built specifically to help scaffolders. With that, let’s take a look at some benefits of using scaffolding design software.

Create the Best Plan for Your Work

Scaffolding design software helps scaffolders to plan their project well. Computer-generated drawings are produced in accurate detail with no room for human error. Most programs provide information on the materials needed, the leg load capacity, and opportunities to explore design alternatives. This helps designers create the best version of their project during the planning stage.

With hand-drawn designs, there’s always the risk of human error or overlooking certain aspects of a scaffolding plan. However, a design program’s 3D feature allows designers to inspect every aspect of the drawing from any angle, which further supports the designer in making better planning decisions. Any errors or possible risks can be observed and eliminated beforehand.

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By creating a thorough, precise plan, you ensure maximum productivity during construction and increase the overall quality of your scaffold. It also reduces the risk of project changes down the road.

Increase Project Safety

Better project planning also means better safety measures. A scaffold-specific design program can increase overall construction safety because it helps designers to identify potential risks from the design they have created.

The 3D model provides better visualization of the designed scaffold, which aids designers and crew members in recognizing any risky areas, even for complex designs.

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Prevention is always key in avoiding scaffolding hazards and maintaining a safe working environment. A scaffolding design software could potentially save lives.

Stand Out and Win Bids

Besides helping designers make the best decisions, scaffolding design programs also help you win bids. Imagine providing the clearest visualization of a scaffolding plan with precise details. It puts you above competitors and certainly impresses customers.

With the 3D model, you get to present the most intricate details of your plans to the clients. Some design software comes with a virtual reality and augmented reality feature, which allows clients to walk through the 3D plan in real-life scale. Both of these not only enable clients to visualize their project better, but also increase their confidence in your work.

Save Time on Projects

Scaffolding design software will increase planning efficiency and save you time on projects. To start, creating the designs will only require a few clicks. You can generate a list of materials in no time and cut the planning time by more than half.

It also helps save time during construction through improved communication from the estimator to the crew. With more accurate computer-generated drawings, there is less room for planning errors, and the building process is smoother overall.

Time is money in a scaffolding business. With timely planning and construction, you cut labor costs and get to provide the best service to your clients as you deliver on time. It helps you be more productive, retain customers, and in turn, reward you with higher profit margins.

Your Next Steps

It’s undeniable that scaffolding design software not only benefits a scaffolding project, but transforms the scaffolding business as a whole. If you’re interested in a scaffold-specific program, but are unsure of where to start, look no further than Avontus Designer®.

It has a proven ability to help scaffolding companies make better plans, generate faster estimates, gain a competitive edge, and most of all, remain user-friendly. Don’t hesitate to talk to us today!