Experience Smoother Operations with Scaffolding Technology

In our previous survey, The State of Scaffolding Technologies 2020, we found that the scaffolding industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation. While 85 percent of respondents around the world are adopting at least one digital scaffolding solution, it is still a big transition for many. Given the investment needed in terms of both time and money, companies would naturally like to be sure that their investment in scaffolding technology will pay off.  

Curious about the return you can expect on such an investment? We got you covered. 

In this blog post, we’ll explain proven facts about how technology has improved scaffolding project operations, one of the many benefits of adopting software according to our latest report, Measuring the Impact of Scaffolding Technology.  

Three Ways Scaffolding Technology Improve Operations  

As software replaces manual tasks with automated systems, it ensures speed, accuracy, and transparency. This means a project will benefit from smoother workflows, something that’s both critical and challenging for a highly collaborative, large-scale project like scaffolding. Here are three proven ways technology makes this possible. 

“Adopting Avontus software allowed us to streamline our processes, deliver a better quality overall product to our client, and win back several million dollars worth of work over the past two years.”  

Jason Nardiello, APTIM, USA 

Better Communication  

The report shows that adopting scaffolding software, such as Avontus Quantify and Designer has significantly improved overall project communications. This includes internal communications with engineers and crew members across different sites, as well as external communications with vendors, partners, and customers.  

With software, you get to provide the best visualization of scaffolding plans across the board. Whether via 3D drawings or real-time inventory counts, every stakeholder obtains the most accurate, up-to-date information at need. This means less miscommunication, less costly delays, and less rework that often plague scaffolders. 

Screenshot from Measuring the Impact of Scaffolding Technology
Clients testify that Avontus Designer and Quantify improve overall project communications

Helps You Save Cost 

Adopting scaffolding-specific software improved processes and reduced costly delays in projects, as testified by over 70 percent of scaffolding leaders surveyed. 

Relying on digital records of inventory lists and scaffolding activities facilitates the timely response to client requests and efficient utilization of equipment, leading to cost and time savings. On top of that, virtual handovers and digital designs help save time during the design period. 

One of the biggest challenges in the E&C industry is cost overruns, with over 98 percent of all construction projects suffering from it. Investing in technology just might solve that problem. 

“Overall, our experience as a company is much better with Avontus Designer. Having these programs improves our speed, accuracy & communication throughout our company and even with clients.”  

Scott Drover, Sancton Access, Canada 

Improved Project and Inventory Management 

Scaffolding-specific software can improve scaffolding operations by optimizing project and inventory management. Our survey has proven that the majority of respondents found their scaffolding solutions to be helpful in improving accountability and project control.  

Software solutions are a great way to transform the way you manage inventory – one of the most crucial aspects of a scaffolding business. Inventory tracking software can provide you real-time data on materials across yards, auto-generate invoices, and help manage re-rentals. What was previously time-consuming and tedious can now be handled in seconds.  

Screenshot from Measuring the Impact of Scaffolding Technology
Over half of clients are seeing significant improvement in inventory management, reducing wastage, and project control. 

Discover More Benefits of Scaffolding Technology Here 

Scaffolding software has not only delivered a multitude of benefits to its users and proven to be a wise investment for many businesses, but is empowering the industry to solve its age-old problems. It might be the answer to transforming the overall quality of the construction industry. 

Avontus Software is here to help business owners create that change. To discover more about our software and how scaffolding leaders have benefited from them, download the full report today.  

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