Phoenix Industrial Services


“We were referred to Avontus through a scaffold equipment supplier and met at the SAIA Committee Week in 2013. Following a demonstration of the range of scaffold-related software, we chose to implement a trial version of the software, which allowed us to compare it to our current system and evaluate it. In our search for a potential replacement business management system we looked at several other packages, however the scaffold equipment management capabilities (at the yard, site, job, and tag level) of Quantify, coupled with the ease of use and user-friendly interface made our decision an easy one. We had been utilizing another scaffold design package for estimates but needed to find a product that would allow us to ‘stick build’ our design, in a simple manner, without going to a full CAD package.

We found that the simplicity and flexibility of Scaffold Designer allowed us to meet these demands. Following the successful trial we decided to proceed with a full implementation of both Designer and Quantify.”