Cherry Scaffolding


“We first found Avontus when a competing company approached us with a similar program. We were intrigued by the idea of speeding up scaffold designs with software, but the company that approached us beat around the bush when we asked critical questions about their capabilities. We found Avontus while looking for an alternative and were very impressed with the software demo, and more importantly, the service team that stood behind it.

“Since transitioning to Avontus’s Scaffold Designer from pen & paper, our overall productivity and turnaround time for pricing has drastically improved, and arguably more importantly we’re getting our materials out with more accuracy. Since day one of contacting Avontus we’ve never had a question go unanswered, and those answers always come promptly. The team at Avontus is top notch and the product they offer is unrivaled. After spending nearly a year with Avontus Software I cannot imagine our estimators working without it, or how any other company would do without it either.”