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Create Custom Building Objects Easily with Avontus Designer’s Latest Release

To kick off 2021, we’re happy to announce a new feature release for Avontus Designer®. The latest update includes a major enhancement to the Building Object Edit tool. Now you can create custom building objects, such as ramps and roofing systems, with even more detail to give your clients a picture-perfect view of how your access solution is the right one for their project.

Avontus Designer has evolved to become the leading design software for the scaffolding industry. Businesses everywhere benefit from features like simple drag-and-drop design capabilities, instant materials counts, automatically-created 3D models, and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) for scaffolding visualization and presentation.

Here’s what you can do with the new release:

  • Utilize the Building Objects edit tool to create and edit building objects, either individually or as a group. Building objects and groups allow users to create any complex custom structure.
  • Specify the layer name for each building object or group of objects, which makes working with exported CAD files more efficient.
  • Rotate groups of building objects around the X and Y axis in 3D view. This means you can create ramps, sloped decks, safety fans, roofing systems and more.
  • Create conical frustums using the new Cone shape for building objects.
custom building objects
An example of complex drawings of custom building objects you can now create with the new feature release. Source: Avontus Software

Boosting Avontus Designer’s Capabilities

Taking it up a notch, a number of enhancements have also been made to Designer to provide users with better performance, and to support advancements in graphics. Here’s how Designer has been optimized:

  • Grouped building objects can now be moved as a whole using the new Reference Elevation property.
  • The ability to specify the color used in 3D views for a single or group of building objects.
  • The addition of Steel Battens to supported plank types.
  • Select All Building Objects tool in the Drawing tab now selects groups of building objects too.
  • 3D component has been upgraded to the latest version to support newer graphics cards and provide better performance.
  • The addition of an Update Model button to the 3D View panel to quickly rebuild scaffold models.
  • The addition of Refresh Conceptual Model button to the 3D Model toolbar to clean up and redraw conceptual models, which is especially useful if the 3D view and plan view are not in sync.

With the latest bug fixes, the software now runs better than ever before — improving your company’s efficiency and productivity. The following issues have been resolved to ensure smoother and more efficient design:

  • Fixed a bug in grouped pipe shapes not drawing in 3D view.
  • Fixed a bug in which a slab shape grouped with other building objects would be moved to an incorrect location.
  • Fixed a bug in selecting and editing grouped building objects with multiple levels of nested grouped building objects.
  • Boiler objects now use the reference elevation and can be grouped and correctly transformed with other building objects.
  • Various bug fixes have been implemented regarding grouped building objects.
  • Designer now adds a ‘missing part’ warning message to the BOM when part numbers specified in building objects are not found in the Material Master.
  • Fixed a bug in the Kwikstage system when requesting to use return transoms in wall scaffold.

With the updated and newly enhanced Avontus Designer, you can now take your business to the next level and provide your customers with even clearer and more detailed visualizations.