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Avontus Designer®: Enhanced 3D Design Capabilities and Streamlined UX

Scaffold Designer's new Training Video Player allows users to learn the software quickly.

3D technology is paramount for successful scaffold design and visualization. It helps you to catch mistakes and fine-tune your blueprint before your scaffold goes up.

But generic 3D modelling solutions are inefficient, costly, and time consuming. With the technology available today, there’s no reason you should have to spend hours designing a scaffold, or even more counting the materials.

That’s why we’re now releasing a revamped version of Scaffolding Designer 2020 – a dedicated and easy-to-use scaffolding solution with enhanced 3D capabilities that rival high-end CAD software.

Scaffold Designer 2020 also includes exciting new UI/UX refinements like an in-app Training Video Player with over 20 bite-sized tutorial videos, new vector icons, and streamlined ribbon navigation for an intuitive and faster software experience.

Continue reading to learn about additional feature enhancements and bug fixes.

New Feature: Enhanced 3D Capabilities

We know how important 3D technology is for visualizing your scaffold designs. Yet, you shouldn’t have to spend weeks (or more) learning CAD software or hours designing 3D models for project proposals.

That’s why we’ve added enhanced 3D capabilities to our industry-leading scaffolding design software. Now, you get many of the features you’d expect to find in a premium CAD software, along with the unparalleled ease of use you’ve come to expect from Avontus software.

  • New shading modes (e.g. Realistic, Flat, Hidden Lines, etc.) have been added to 3D model view, enabling you to create vector-sharp views of the 3D model from a raster copy.
New shading modes are available with Scaffold Designer 2020 3D model view.

  • New toolbar has been designed for 3D conceptual and model views. Toolbar icon size can be customized in Options menu.
New Scaffold Designer toolbar has 3D conceptual and model views.

  • Added export to 3D PDF for conceptual and model views. Exported files can now be viewed in full 3D using Acrobat PDF Reader with no other application required.
Export your design to 3D PDF format for conceptual and model views.

New Feature: Powerful New User Experience

Our new release also includes UI/UX refinements – one of them is our new in-app Training Video Player. With over 20 short tutorials that are topic-focused and developed from real support cases, you can quickly learn the ins and outs of Scaffold Designer 2020.

Its side-by-side viewing mode enables you to watch the tutorial videos while interacting with the software at the same time. This maximizes your time and makes it easier to get up to speed on the software. Learn the software basics fast and dive deep into each tutorial video at your leisure.

No more searching for videos on YouTube or pouring through support documents. All the help you need in a simplified, one-stop application.

Scaffold Designer's new Training Video Player allows users to learn the software quickly.

Old bitmap icons have also been replaced with newer vector icons to enhance clarity, consistency, and system performance. And with a streamlined Import/Export ribbon navigation, all your import/export needs are contained in a centralized tab for a more intuitive user interface and faster user experience.

Streamlined Import/Export ribbon navigation ensures that all your import/export needs are contained in a centralized tab.


We’ve also improved existing features:

  • Standard (vertical posts) calculations have been enhanced to optimize material usage.
  • Bay size material drop downs in the Scaffold ribbon tab now show description and part number to help you quickly identify the horizontals used for a selected bay.

Bug Fixes

Yes, we heard your requests loud and clear and have fixed the following bugs:

Smarter design creation and editing

  • Base collars are now not added when screwjacks are removed from verticals.
  • Sill boards are no longer added to legs with casters.
  • Updated and corrected the weights on Kwikstage wood planks and wood toe boards.
  • Ledgers longer than 2m are now automatically converted to double-ledger or truss (whichever is available), unless there is an override value in Bay Level Editor.
  • Fixed the issue with grouped building shapes not drawing correctly in 3D views or being placed in the wrong location.
  • Fixed the issue with drawing flipped (vertical or horizontal) building shapes in 3D view.

Clearer UI

  • Convert to Connector Bay has been removed from under New Connector Bay and is now under Edit Bays group.

Improved software performance

  • 3D model view now automatically resets and clears when crashing due to an internal error.
  • Fixed a bug in Material Master when resetting to default materials causing some materials to lose accuracy.

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