Announcing Handset Designer® R5

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Originally posted on Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Handset Designer

Avontus is proud to announce the new release of our popular formwork software, Handset Designer. First released in 2003, this new version also works under our subscription model pricing, which means you can purchase Handset Designer outright, or, if you’re operating under a limited budget, you can purchase Pay-as-you-go, which has a small startup cost and a monthly payment. Details can be found on our Handset Designer support page, which also contains upgrade information for existing users.

What’s New?

  • Handset Designer is now an Add-In for Microsoft Visio 2013 on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 (Visio will not run on XP or Vista). Avontus is an authorized reseller for Microsoft Visio 2013, which is included in each purchase.
  • Integration with our robust, industry-proven inventory and billing software, Avontus Quantify®. In just a few button clicks, Handset Designer materials can be pushed out to an estimate. The estimate can be converted to a reservation of materials, shipped to the jobsite, and optionally billed for per-piece or square foot rental, and others.Contact us today for a free online demonstration and trial.
  • You can now turn off 24” panels to eliminate them from the design. Previously these were always included, since they’re the major component.
  • Handset Designer can be taken into the field on a tablet or a Microsoft Surface computer for fast and easy estimates on the go.
  • Administrator access for running the software is no longer required.
  • Help system is now available on Avontus Assist.

Compatible with Harsco Mod-U-Form, EMI Elite, Symons Steel-Ply, Universal Uni-Ply, Red-Form, and many others. If your company has any handset forms, this software is a must!

By: Michelle Caskey

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