Advanced Stair Tower Techniques


Originally posted on Monday, April 6, 2015

Scaffold Designer® 2015, has the most powerful and versatile Stair Tower capabilities. But with a few tricks, you can take your Stair Towers to new heights!

Adjust Stair Tower Height

Side Bracket Turnaround Bays

Adjust the height of a Stair Tower by dropping a Stair Bay to match the height of a Scaffold Deck or other structure: Add Side Bracket Turnaround Bays to a Stair Tower:
Advanced-Stair-Tower-Techniques-1l Advanced-Stair-Tower-Techniques-1r
Advanced-Stair-Tower-Techniques-2 In addition to the stock stair tower types available with Scaffold Designer 2015, you can easily create stair towers with side bracket turnaround bays.

By: Cliff Young

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