Standard Scaffold and Insulation


“After trials of several different software programs, we determined Scaffold Designer was the best option due to its stability, broad range of scaffold types, and unique features such as the Tank Designer. Some favorite features are the Bill of Materials, the quick learning curve, and the designs produced. Another of Scaffold Designer’s strongest traits is intuitiveness. We were able to learn it very quickly. Scaffold Designer has improved the success of our business by allowing me to get an accurate BoM every time, and making my quotes look more professional by including a sharp design. As far as product support, Michelle and Ali have been very supportive and responded quickly the few times I’ve had an issue. I would absolutely recommend Scaffold Designer to others in our industry. I think the industry has taken a turn and estimators can no longer rely on hand drawn sketches. The impression of a nice design will often trump competitors even if they have a lower price.”

Rigging Consultants Inc


“Quantify provided the most thorough and cost-effective solution in order to manage our rapid growth effectively. Despite not being a tech-savvy company overall, we found Quantify’s learning curve manageable because of its intuitive interface. Quantify has enabled us to get a big picture overview of our entire rental fleet and overall utilization while also helping us manage the “nuts and bolts” aspects of our rental transactions. We now have a better understanding of what we have on rent and what equipment we need to invest in to best take advantage of opportunities.
Avontus was very supportive in getting us up and running with the software. Response time during the implementation process was great. I would recommend Quantify to others in our industry because it’s great at managing and reporting on your rental fleet.”

Phoenix Industrial Services


“We were referred to Avontus through a scaffold equipment supplier and met at the SAIA Committee Week in 2013. Following a demonstration of the range of scaffold-related software, we chose to implement a trial version of the software, which allowed us to compare it to our current system and evaluate it. In our search for a potential replacement business management system we looked at several other packages, however the scaffold equipment management capabilities (at the yard, site, job, and tag level) of Quantify, coupled with the ease of use and user-friendly interface made our decision an easy one. We had been utilizing another scaffold design package for estimates but needed to find a product that would allow us to ‘stick build’ our design, in a simple manner, without going to a full CAD package.

We found that the simplicity and flexibility of Scaffold Designer allowed us to meet these demands. Following the successful trial we decided to proceed with a full implementation of both Designer and Quantify.”

Micon Scaffolding


“A friend of mine recommended Quantify. It speeds up the process of tracking and billing my jobs, which helps me maximize my valuable time. The support team are awesome. I’d definitely recommend Quantify to others, as it’s the most efficient system I’ve used and integrates well with my accounting program, QuickBooks.”



“I’ve been using Scaffold Counter since 2012 and have found it a tremendous time-saver. The integration with Quantify for inventory control of our scaffolding asset helps keep everything under control.”

infinity scaffold


“The Quantify product exceeded all my expectations. We chose it based on a referral from the SAIA director. When I became president of the company I was frustrated with the lack of useable data I could pull from our old system, and recognized an immediate need for a change. Moving our accounting systems to the Quantify product was the first “big” move I made when I took over. My favorite functions of Quantify are that the workflow matches the physical process, it has flexible billing options, and it works with QuickBooks, avoiding the high cost of an enterprise accounting solution. The software is very intuitive; we learned it quickly. And, we always receive top notch service from the exemplary support team. Quantify has vastly streamlined our workflow by allowing us to keep precise track of where our equipment is at any given time. It has simplified our billing process significantly because the software was designed with companies like ours in mind. I recommend Quantify without hesitation.”



“My favorite features of Quantify are the easy billing and customer and job set up, and the link with QuickBooks. I got started with the system within a week. This is my sixth rental software package in the 15 years I have been a rental manager and Quantify has been easy to use compared with others. I use it every day to do rental delivery tickets and invoicing. Avontus’s support team has always responded within one day with answers to my questions. I would recommend Quantify to others because of the QuickBooks link up and because it’s easy to learn.”

White Cap


“We decided to get Handset Designer in large part due to the speed of drawing and take offs, and the professionalism of the drawings was an added bonus. My customers love the new look of their designs and how fast I can get them done.

“I picked up on the program pretty fast thanks to the drag-and-drop system and great trainings from Avontus. They were patient, helpful, and made the process very easy. I’d recommend this software to anyone in my industry—it truly makes your job much easier.”



“Quantify gives our customers the reports and cost controls they need. Together the software and our people make the job site more efficient and that makes us the scaffolding contractor of choice.”

First Coast Scaffolding


“Everything is going great with Quantify, and the support team have been wonderful!”