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“With the help of Scaffold Designer and Quantify, our people are spending less time counting gear from drawings and chasing reports. They can be out there in the field doing what they’re best at more effectively.”


“I’ve already found a mistake in our old system that’s nearly paid for our purchase and first year of Quantify. We should have made this move years ago!”


“We needed a robust platform to manage our scaffold assets and found Quantify easy to use and scalable. We quickly got up to speed on both Quantify and Scaffold Designer thanks to the training sessions and online resources. The software has eliminated redundant processes and simplified how we work.

Now we have a transparent, easy to use system for monetizing our largest asset base. By tying together scaffold drawings, equipment management, and detailed scaffold tracking, this system allows us to better service our customers and allows us to deploy our capital more efficiently.”

Zampell Scaffolding


“Quantify has simplified our inventory, job tracking, and billing, all in one easy to use program. We are now tracking inventory, utilization, and costs, all of which have contributed to a more efficient scaffold rental operation. Rental inventory management can be a daunting task, but Quantify gives us instant access to the data that we need to succeed. The support team at Avontus is also top notch!”

Williams Equipment and Supply


“Handset Designer is an excellent product that’s simple to use with an easy and speedy learning curve. It was recommended to us by a vendor for concrete forming take-offs. It has impacted our working process and contributed to the success of our business by speeding up the bidding process and the take-off capabilities. My favorite functions are the instant quantities and weights. I recommend Handset Designer to others in our industry as a simple take-off/layout tool for handset forming.”

William Insulation Company


“Our experience with Scaffold Designer has been great, and Avontus has been very helpful in supporting us. A recent estimate we created in Scaffold Designer impressed the customer with its professional design, and we got the job. I would recommend Scaffold Designer to any company dealing with a scaffold project. It’s a fast and accurate program.”



“We needed a system that would do invoicing and inventory control. Quantify gives us easy invoicing at the click of a button, and the shipping documents are great. We got up to speed quickly thanks to Avontus’s expert training team and now our parent company is also looking at implementing the system.”



“When I joined Empire 4 years ago we needed reliable software to support scaffolding inventory, so I did some online research and found Quantify. Quantify made sense for our new scaffolding division and I was able to learn and utilize its functions quickly with the help of Avontus live support and online tutorials. In the beginning we had a lot of questions but the help we received from Avontus was expedient and supportive. Quantify has helped us track our assets and do our billing in a professional format with the flexibility we need. I like that I can set a range of rental dates and when to start invoicing regularly for it, like invoicing every 28 days after the first 120 days on the job. We are a small but growing scaffolding division and as we grow Quantify continues to meet our needs. So far it’s been a good experience and I would recommend Quantify to any similar, growing company.”

Synergy Scaffolding


“We needed to move away from Excel and its limitations and found Quantify to be the right solution to handle complicated billing cycles and calculation of weights and quantities. In addition to centralizing our inventory management, Quantify has allowed us to forecast material purchase using its reporting tools and prioritize project dismantling for better stock turnover to different projects. We had our new hire up and running on the system in one week and have had excellent, painless support from Avontus. I would recommend Quantify to others as it saves a lot of time stuffing around with Excel sheets, and you have the support of a professional company when you need it.”

StepUp Andamios


“El programa es suficientemente completo, por lo que puedo satisfacer fácilmente las diferentes necesidades de cada uno de mis clientes. Puedo contar siempre con el personal de Avontus, ya que todo el tiempo están dispuestos a ayudar y colaborar, respondiendo a cada una de mis inquietudes y ofreciendo colaboración en línea, de requerirlo. Recomiendo a Avontus, no sólo por el producto que ofrecen, sino por el servicio que brinda, que es lo realmente, lo más importante.”


Translation: “I’m not used to working with drafting software, but Scaffold Designer is very easy to understand and use. The software not only helps me to understand what pieces I need to build a tower, but also helps me show my clients and immediately get their attention. My favorite features are the stair tower functions and how I can add bay levels with just one click.

“The program is flexible enough to help me meet the different possible needs of each of my clients. As Avontus’s client, I can count on them to always be there to help and answer my questions. I would recommend Scaffold Designer not just because of the product but also the service that Avontus provides.”