Clear and Compelling Scaffold Presentations

Go beyond your scaffolding 3D model from Avontus Designer and give your customers and crews immersive scaffold visuals that are easy to understand. Your scaffold design comes to life in augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) when paired with our free Avontus Viewer mobile app.

Real-World Scaffold Experiences

By presenting your scaffold plans in AR, you’ll be able to offer more clarity and detail than ever before. Avontus Viewer allows you to superimpose an augmented reality version of your 3D scaffold at the work site. This allows a real-life experience of your scaffold where anyone can walk around the structure, review it for potential hazards, and clearly understand how the finished scaffold will look.

Bringing Designs to Life

Using the Avontus Viewer Scaffold VR cardboard or plastic viewer, you can view your design in immersive virtual reality. This enables you to look around the scaffold design in the same way you would in actual reality by moving your head to the right and left or up and down. This is especially useful for job sites that can’t be accessed and for complicated scaffold projects.

Eliminating Costly Rework

With the ability to virtually walk your scaffold proposal as if you’d already built it, you provide your clients with full transparency during a scaffolding presentation. This means better chances of getting the job done right the first time around, avoiding costly unplanned modifications and delays later on. Plus, crew members can be given a detailed walkthrough of the scaffold in AR/VR before the erection phase, helping them work more safely and efficiently.

Seamless Sharing

Seamlessly share and review a scaffold with everyone involved in the project. Scaffold designers, sales executives, crew members, project managers, and end users can all easily view the same scaffolding 3D model in AR/VR. All you have to do is upload your scaffold drawings from Avontus Designer to Avontus Viewer and review for free on Windows Desktop, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Winning Bids Faster

Ultimately, you’ll land contracts more quickly—and profitably—when you provide detailed 3D, VR, and AR presentations. Impress your clients and give them confidence in your proposal with compelling visuals that help them see why your solution is the best one for their needs. With Avontus Designer and Viewer, you’re not just producing more business proposals in less time—you’re making the most of every opportunity by delivering a professional scaffold plan in easy-to-understand 3D.

Level Up Your Marketing

Proud of your 3D scaffold designs and their visualization capabilities? Show them off on social media as part of your marketing strategy! Viewer allows you to record a video of your 3D scaffold model and upload it to YouTube. Use this video to take your colleagues or customers on a tour of your scaffold.


Create your own scaffolding 3D model using Avontus Designer® and bring your designs to life with Avontus Viewer®.