Accurate Quotations, Faster Invoices

With Quantify’s purpose-built scaffolding quotation and invoicing features, you gain better control of your scaffold sales, inventory forecasting, and billing processes.

Generating Estimates

Quantify integrates seamlessly with Avontus Designer, our industry-leading scaffold design software. With Designer, you can generate bills of materials (BOM) for each drawing you create. The software calculates and displays the list of materials required.

Once the BOM is finalized, you can export it to Quantify to create a detailed materials cost estimate. You can also skip the design and enter or import your materials list directly into Quantify.

Detailed Quotations

Quoting becomes a breeze with Quantify as you can standardize pricing (whether by piece, weight, percentage of list, or more) and base quotes on current and future equipment availability.

Keep track of all your inventory including equipment, parts, and products for both consumable and non-consumable items. Present pricing in summary or deep detail based on how much information you want to share with your customer at each stage of the sale. You can ensure that quotes are accurate so that any surprise costs later are not your fault (and not yours to absorb).

Automatic Invoicing

Faster invoicing means faster payments, so you can keep cash flow running smoothly. Quantify automatically generates invoices for a variety of charges. You can also prepare detailed invoicing for different jobs, from rental cost summaries to per-order breakdowns to scaffold-by-scaffold costing for industrial contracts. Plus, Quantify works seamlessly with your accounting software.

  • Invoice for a variety of charges including rent, recurring charges, additional charges (like labor and freight), out-of-service fees (for damaged and lost items), service tickets, consumables, and sales from transactions.
  • Create invoices in seconds for a single job site, multiple job sites, or every job under selected branch offices or the entire company.

Organized Rental Billing

Whether you bill upfront, after the billing period, or a mix, Quantify generates invoices the way you need them, capturing minimums and automatically skipping off-rent periods. You’ll save the effort and stress of staying on top of complex billing scenarios and make sure you bill quickly and accurately so you get paid promptly.

With your rental billing well-organized, you minimize shortfalls and maximize profitability. The software provides three core billing methods that you can customize for any situation:

  • Arrears (post-bill) – Bill for the period of time that billable products were at a job site; invoices are generated at the end of the billing cycle.
  • Advance (pre-bill) – Based on either the shipment rent start date or the defined cycle start date; invoices are based on the first day of each billing cycle or you can sync them to a common cycle.
  • First Advance, Then Arrears (FATA) – The first invoice is generated in advance for the minimum days’ rent, then subsequent invoices are generated in arrears at the end of each billing cycle.


Find out how you can manage your inventory and invoicing more efficiently with Quantify.