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Avontus Scaffold Designer

Discover a Powerful New Way to Design Scaffolds

Simply import a plan and drag-and-drop scaffolds into place. A click is all it takes to get accurate BOM estimates. Stay ahead of the game with advanced 3D, VR, and AR design visualization technologies. With remote walkthrough capabilities, you’ll win bids from wherever you are.

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From Creating Winning
Designs to Building
Successful Businesses

Time-Saving Features

Cut design and counting time by up to 90%. Faster designs and faster estimates mean more bids and more wins.

Powerful 3D View

Improve efficiency and impress customers by rendering your designs in professional 3D models.

Advanced AR/VR Technology

Pair this software with Avontus Viewer and bring your designs to life through augmented and virtual reality.

In-App Training Video Player

Our software comes with over 20 bite-sized tutorials. Learning starts as soon as you run the program.

Seamless Quantify Integration

Instantly integrate with Avontus Quantity to manage your projects, from bid to completion.

Accommodates other software

Easily export 2D plans and 3D models to BIM packages, AutoCAD, PDF, Navisworks, SCIA Engineer, and more.

In-Depth Documentation

Want to make the most out of our software? Our 24/7 knowledge hub is all yours.

What’s in It for You

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