Formwork Services


“Quantify has drastically improved the accuracy of our billing and returns processing. Invoices are generated in less than half the time it took on our old system, we have minimal complaints from customers, and have been commended on the impact the improvements have had on them, too. Quantify’s many options allow us to track information with just a click of the mouse. We can click on a specific jobsite and see which products our customers have there. On job closeouts this feature improves communication between the customer and us. The accuracy of Quantify pivot reports gives them confidence in our billing accuracy, too. The program is specific to our industry and is so user friendly that anyone who’s familiar with billing methods in our industry could practically teach themselves. Our initial training and support was extremely satisfactory; any and all of my questions were answered in a timely manner. I recommend Quantify for anyone in the forming and shoring industry.”

Eagle Scaffolding


“We switched to Quantify Cloud from iRent, and the Avontus team was able to easily transfer our existing data, giving us a seamless transition and continuity of operations. The support at Avontus is great; everyone is very knowledgeable and responds quickly to our needs. I would recommend Quantify to others in our industry.”

Clearstream Energy


“My location started using Quantify as it was already in use elsewhere in our company, with good feedback from colleagues. It became second nature very quickly and streamlined our odd billing system in Canada. Quantify has all the options I need to bill clients in very specific ways. My overall time savings is amazing, especially considering that I’m a ‘one-stop shop’ for tracking and invoicing. What would take me hours in compiling data by hand takes minutes with Quantify. This means a big cost savings for us. My customers have come to rely on our Quantify data for tracking work orders, scaffold actual days up, and those due for dismantle. This gives us an edge over our competition. We’re able to do all this right out of the box with minimal customization needed. Tracking all our scaffolds would be a nightmare without Quantify. Avontus has amazing tech support and a great, unique product, which is always improving with helpful updates on items that matter to me.”

Cherry Scaffolding


“We first found Avontus when a competing company approached us with a similar program. We were intrigued by the idea of speeding up scaffold designs with software, but the company that approached us beat around the bush when we asked critical questions about their capabilities. We found Avontus while looking for an alternative and were very impressed with the software demo, and more importantly, the service team that stood behind it.

“Since transitioning to Avontus’s Scaffold Designer from pen & paper, our overall productivity and turnaround time for pricing has drastically improved, and arguably more importantly we’re getting our materials out with more accuracy. Since day one of contacting Avontus we’ve never had a question go unanswered, and those answers always come promptly. The team at Avontus is top notch and the product they offer is unrivaled. After spending nearly a year with Avontus Software I cannot imagine our estimators working without it, or how any other company would do without it either.”

Celtic Scaffolding


“One of my favorite things about Quantify is that something as simple as the void or delete button can be used if you have made a mistake. Other programs have not been so kind. Quantify has increased the success of our business by implementing a more accurate inventory system that’s easy to learn and quick to use, saving precious time to do other important tasks. I would definitely recommend this software; it’s much more user friendly than others and Avontus support is above standard, taking less than a day to respond with feedback and corrective action.”

Burgess & Berry


“This program has really helped us to bid and win some of the bigger jobs that we would have been reluctant to bid before due to the uncertainty of what material might be needed. Scaffold Designer gives us instant counts of everything you need for the build, and has been a valuable tool to help keep our company growing and turning around bids as quickly as possible. It’s also very easy to make changes to the scaffold design. My experience with Scaffold Designer has been great. It’s helped us reduce the amount of extra material brought to a job site, so we have more in our yard for other projects. It generates a great looking proposal sheet, giving customers a great preview of what they’ll be working on. This has helped our company get a few jobs that we would not have normally gotten.

“The help videos are very informative and Avontus have been great at showing me the program’s capabilities and answering my questions quickly.”


Quantify is the most comprehensive software program out of the products we vetted; it was clearly the best product for us. The accurate and timely billing have improved our cash flow, and we’ve achieved better asset management and reduced inventory attrition. The learning curve was minimal and our administrators were up and running in a few days. We’ve had a wonderful experience with Avontus. I’ve been involved in several software implementations and the Avontus team made the migration an easy one. They understand our business and have delivered a product that aligns with the specific needs of the industry. Quantify is simply the best product on the market and has been a key differentiator in recent project awards.