Formwork Services


“Quantify has drastically improved the accuracy of our billing and returns processing. Invoices are generated in less than half the time it took on our old system, we have minimal complaints from customers, and have been commended on the impact the improvements have had on them, too. Quantify’s many options allow us to track information with just a click of the mouse. We can click on a specific jobsite and see which products our customers have there. On job closeouts this feature improves communication between the customer and us. The accuracy of Quantify pivot reports gives them confidence in our billing accuracy, too. The program is specific to our industry and is so user friendly that anyone who’s familiar with billing methods in our industry could practically teach themselves. Our initial training and support was extremely satisfactory; any and all of my questions were answered in a timely manner. I recommend Quantify for anyone in the forming and shoring industry.”